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A Six-Sigma Approach to Achieving Project Management Quality

A Six-Sigma Approach to Achieving Project Management Quality

Park Lane Hotel, Jakarta | June 24-26, 2009  | Rp. 4.800.000,-

Ensure project success and customer satisfaction by adopting Six-Sigma, the roadmap to project quality!

Project success, consistent processes and superior results are just a few of the benefits gained by adapting the Six Sigma principles that world-class companies use to improve their project management quality. An expert practitioner will show you how to use the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) approach defined by the Six Sigma system to pinpoint performance gaps and generate successful outcomes.

How You Will Benefit

  • Control project scope, resources and performance
  • Learn how to apply Six-Sigma tools to various project processes
  • Achieve greater efficiency for faster, better project execution
  • Eliminate process deficiencies for increased productivity
  • Spend less time “fighting fires” and more time on project execution

What You Will Cover

Quality: An Overview

  • Six-Sigma in the context of other quality systems

The Six-Sigma Methodology

  • Models and tools of the Six-Sigma practitioner
  • Preconditions for continuous improvement
  • DMAIC: A Six-Sigma model for continuous improvement
  • The distinctions between affinities, processes, procedures and tools
  • TBCP Group Exercise: Applying DMAIC to a process improvement case

The Six-Sigma Process Map

  • Exercise: Creating a continuous process improvement system using Six-Sigma methodology (devising the Tactics element)
  • Group exercise evaluation: display, describe, explain and defend your work
  • Examine, evaluate and query the work of your peers in the exercise

The Six-Sigma Project

  • Dealing with improvements beyond the scope of an established continuous improvement process
  • Requirements for creating a process improvement project plan template for special projects
  • Exercise: Develop a process improvement project plan using Six-Sigma (incorporating scope, WBS and project logic)
  • Participant action plan (key learning points to apply to improve your work performance)

Who Should Attend

Directors and VPs of project management and senior project and program managers. Basic project management skills are required.

Extended Training Description

Learning Objectives

  • Apply the Six-Sigma Methodology to a Project Management Process
  • Create a Process Map of the Six-Sigma Methodology to Be Used for Continuous Process Improvement
  • Create a Project Template for a Process Improvement Project Utilizing a Six-Sigma Methodology

The Quality Environment and History

  • Describe the Quality Management Context
  • Identify the Project Management Processes
  • Define Quality

A Six-Sigma Methodology

  • Define the Problem
  • Set Improvement Objectives
  • Gather, Display and Analyze Data
  • Draw Conclusions
  • Make Recommendations

A Six-Sigma Process Map

  • Create a Map of a Continuous Improvement Process

The Six-Sigma Project

  • Create a Process Improvement Project Plan


Team Expert

June 24-26, 2009
3 days

Park Lane Hotel, Jakarta

Tuition Fee

Rp. 4.800.000,- per participant, excluding accomodation & tax.


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