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Advance Lightning Protection and Grounding System: Transmission, Distribution and Industry Network

Advance Lightning Protection and Grounding System: Transmission, Distribution and Industry Network

Novotel Hotel, Bandung | Jun 14-17, 2009 | Rp.7.250.000,-


This training will be presented to the people who are known the basic of lightning protection or people who is joined the training of Integrated Lightning Protection and Grounding System.


After attending the course the participant will gain the followings:

  • Get better understanding of lightning phenomenon especially for people and Industry
  • Better understanding of lightning behavior, characteristic, and protection system
  • Enhance knowledge of grounding system and all aspects
  • Better knowledge of grounding system effect to damage of electrical installation if exposed to lightning hit
  • Better knowledge of specification and assessment of lightning protection system


  1. Lightning Phenomena and Parameter (Posttest)
  2. Damage and Trouble, if exposed to lightning hit
  3. Transmission and Distribution of LPS (lightning protection System)
  4. LPS to Generator and Industry
  5. Standard lightning protection System IEC and IEEE
  6. Lightning/Surge Arrester (Rating)
  7. Arrester Installation on transmission net and gardu induk
  8. Arrester Installation on distribution net and low voltage


  • Electric Engineer/ Supervisor/ Superintendent
  • Plant Maintenance Engineer/ Supervisor/ Superintendent
  • Plant and Process Engineer/ Supervisor/ Superintendent
  • Safety and Lost Prevention Engineer/ Supervisor/ Superintendent
  • Electrical and Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Everybody or professional who wants to broaden knowledge or gain benefit from this course.

DR. Ir. Reynaldo Zoro

DR. Ir. Reynaldo Zoro graduated from Institute of Techonology, Bandung taking for High Voltage & Electrical. He has experience in Electrical Area since 1978.
He is a Head of Laboratory of High Voltage, ITB and he’s Chairman of Power Engineering Division of STEI – ITB.

He has given many short courses for in-house or public course of lightning protection, electrical grounding to industries in the country. He’s member of CIGRE – France, member of Standardization for DLPE- ESDM, IEC TC-81 and DLPE – ESDM.

Jun 14-17, 2009
4 days

Novotel Hotel, Bandung

Tuition Fee
Rp.7.250.000,-    per participant, excluding accommodation & tax

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