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Advanced Process Control – YOGYAKARTA

Advanced Process Control – YOGYAKARTA
All Seasons, Yogyakarta | 24-26 April 2012 | IDR 5.500.000,-
All Seasons, Yogyakarta | 5-7 Juni 2012| IDR 5.500.000,-



PID Controller has been applied in major process industries worldwide since 1940. This controller is still the main controller in the process industries, although the hardware has changed from the stand analog/digital alone controller to distributed control systems (DCS) or programmable logic controller (PLC). The success of the PID controller relies on its simple algorithm but produces high control performances even for different application areas in industries. One main interesting feature of the PID controller is its ability to receive enhancement without any major changes in its basic algorithm form. Therefore the PID controller can be enhanced without replacing the controller itself.

To achieve enhancements, it requires additional process insight, which is developed through increased engineering analysis and effort. The additional effort can be richly rewarded because the enhancement can substantially improve control performance, reducing the integral errors and maximum deviation. The success of the enhancement depends on the quality of the engineering analysis: the accuracy of process insight and the application of the design principles.

In this training program, it will be discussed and covered the enhancement of the PID controller which is known as Advanced Process Control. This training is not similar to Process Control that covers PID algorithm and the well known tuning methods: Trial error, Ziegler-Nicholls and Cohen-Coon. However, Advanced Process Control covers material where that well known tuning methods fail to satisfy the required high performance for complex process control.


  1. Understand the concept of advanced process control
  2. Understand Cascade, Ratio and Feed forward control
  3. Understand the concept of advanced PID controller
  4. Identify the requirement for open loop and closed loop stability
  5. Understand the concept of advanced PID controller
  6. Use advanced PID controller tuning
  7. Know the implementation of advanced PID controller and advanced tuning


  1. Review to Process Control
  2. Cascade Control
  3. Ratio Control
  4. Feed forward Control
  5. Advanced Types of PID Controller
  6. Performance of Control Systems
  7. Advanced PID Tuning
  8. PID Auto-tuning
  9. Optimal PID tuning
  10. PID for Multi Input Multi Output Plan


  1. Instrumentation Engineers & Technicians
  2. Design and Process Engineers
  3. Operation Engineer
  4. Asset Manager Team members
  5. Maintenance Manager/Superintendent & Supervisor
  6. Everybody who are responsible to select, specify, design, operate, maintain, process instrumentation & control system


Lecturing, workshop, konsultasi interaktif, dan praktek MC


Miftahul Huda, ST, M.Eng


  •  24-26 April 2012
  • 5-7 Juni 2012



All Seasons, Yogyakarta


  • IDR 5.500.000 – (non residential )
  • (termasuk picking-up service dari Bandara/Stasiun KA ke hotel, training modul, training kit, 2x coffee break, 1x lunch, souvenir, dan sertifikat)

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