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Building a Dynamic Team

Building a Dynamic Team (Angkatan-7)

Aston Atrium Hotel, Jakarta Pusat | 29-30 Juni 2009 | Rp. 2.000.000,-

Seminar/Conference Description:

A dynamic team is a high-performance team, one that utilizes its energy to produce. It’s a confident team, one whose members is aware of their strengths and uses them to reach their goals. And it’s a team whose members rely on each other for assistance, feedback and motivation. A dynamic team stands out from other teams.

This two days program, we will assist you step-by-step on building a dynamic team.

Other Benefits

By attending this workshop, they will

  • understand the characteristic of a dynamic team

  • understand step-by-step on building a dynamic team

  • understand how to focus individual members on team’s goals

  • understand how to identify and to overcome the roadblock to a successful team.


Who Should Attend

  • Managers, Supervisors or Anybody who wishes to be part of a dynamic team.


1.      Introduction / Background

  • Workshop objectives
  • Expectation of participants.

2.       The Element of a Dynamic Team

  • The critical elements.

3.      Building A Dynamic Team

  • Primary phase of team development.

4.      Phase One: Driving Toward A Mission

  • Map out your team’s mission statement

  • Chart your team’s goal and priorities

  • Register your ‘Rules of the Road’ (Guidelines).

5.      Phase Two: Striving for Team Effectiveness

  • Clarify team member’s roles and responsibilities

  • Identify roadblocks.

6.      Phase Three: Thriving of Teamwork

  • Promote peer feedback

  • Commit to conflict resolution

  • Collaborate for creativity

  • Deal with decision-making.

7.      Phase Four: Arriving at Peak Performance

  • Have you really reached the top

  • Maintaining motivation.

8.   Closing

  • Summary and Conclusion.



Sahala P. Sinurat, MSc accomplished, after getting a scholarship from Overseas Fellowship Program (World Bank), his master degree in Operations Research from University of Delaware, Newark (US) in 1990.

With a proven record of teaching, training and consulting experiences and exposure to different cultures behind him, as he held several positions at various organizations that include:

  • Consultant and Professional Staff to Lembaga PPM
  • Training and Development Manager for Rothmans of Pall Mall Indonesia
  • Training and Development Manager for the British American Tobacco (BAT).

Mr Sinurat has more than 8500 hours of teaching in addition to his consulting experience and years of practicing manager. His client list include Phillip Morris Indonesia, Jasa Marga, Pelindo II, Daimler Chrysler, Capsugel Indonesia, Telkom, Unilver Indonesia, Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, BAT, Rothmans of Pall Mall Indonesia, Coca Cola Bottling Company, Amarta Karya, Surveyor Indonesia, BCA, etc.



Date  & Duration

Senin-Selasa, 29-30 Juni 2009 (16 jam efektif)

Venue :

Aston Atrium Hotel, Jakarta Pusat

Fee :

Rp. 2.000.000,-



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