Informasi Seminar

Building and Manage Contact Center that Your Customer Love

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Your take away:

  1. The knowledge of managing your customers satisfaction
  2. Optimization of your operation cost
  3. Improving the workforce productivity through performance tracking
  4. Identified necessary technology and infrastructure for contact center
  5. Ability to identify key performance measurements in Contact Center


What You will Cover

I. Contact Center, the heart of your service to Customers

  • Contact Centre background
  • Contact Centre benefits

II. Managing Operations  in Contact Center

  • Managing Your Contact Center Representatives
  • Real time floor management
  • Providing necessary knowledge and skills
  • Quality assurance

III. Supporting the Contact Center

  1. Work Force Management
  2. Operational data analysis
  3. IT and Infrastructure enabler
  4. Conducive Work place

IV.  Building your Service  Standard

  • Greeting
  • Probing
  • Delivering accurate solution
  • Closing

V. IT and Infrastructure

  • CTI
  • CRM
  • Workforce Management application
  • Observation Tool
  • Knowledge management application

V!. Measuring your Performance

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Service Level
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Defect  elimination


Wardhani Soedjono & Team

Being a practitioner in services, Wardhani Soedjono possesses an in-depth experience for 30 years in various multinational companies.

During her time in IBM, Wardhani developed her individual leadership competency in various functions such as procurement, market-driven quality, contract management and lastly direct marketing. The experience has obviously reflected significance in relationship and collaboration with people within and outside the organization, such as the staff, peers, suppliers and customers.

In XL, Wardhani had the opportunity to lead different functions and managed carrying different missions such as human capital, corporate sales, channels and distribution and customer service. Successfully she had brought XL front-liners from a non-standardized into a well standardized contact centers using the worldly known COPC standards. Her last position in XL was Vice President, Service Delivery and Contact Management.

To lead effectively Wardhani equipped herself with various certification and endorsement, such as IBM’s Malcolm Baldrige Assessor, IBM Benchmarking Coordinator and lastly Registered Coordinator of COPC.

Presently, while holding the position of Chief Representative Officer and Director of Consulting-Indonesia of VADS Berhad, Wardhani also serves as a Service Leadership Consultant and providing services as a public speaker, coach and facilitator in various subjects, e.g. Service Excellence, Customer Satisfaction, Tele-Marketing, Malcolm Baldrige Quality Program, Contact Center Management, and Competency Based Human Resource Management.


    • Before 21 March 2010 Rp 3.000.000,-
    • Before 5 April 2010 Rp 3.300.000,-
    • Full Fare : Rp 3.500.000,-

      Training will be conducted in bahasa

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