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Business Improvement

Business Improvement

Jakarta | 2010



I.    Background / Objectives

This sixteen hour, 2 days training program provides an overview of business process analysis projects, preparation of project participants for change, and facilitation skills to manage even the most challenging teams. It also provides the “how to’s” for documenting and improving business processes, managing projects from beginning to end, preparing project deliverables so that they are understandable and useful, and completing projects by implementing the improvements.


II.   Other Benefits

  • Understand the role of an Analyst on a business process analysis project
  • Facilitate a business process documentation and improvement session
  • Prepare groups for change
  • Manage the change process
  • Document an existing process in both textual and visual formats
  • Lead a team through a business process improvement session using various tools
  • Plan a project from beginning to end
  • Manage a business analysis project
  • Implement the new processes developed during a business process analysis project.

    III. Who Should Attend

    • Managers from any functions
    • Anybody who wants to learn how to lead improvement/efficiency projects.

      IV.    Training Agenda

      1. Introduction / Background
        • Workshop objectives

        • Expectation of participants.

      2. Why do we need business improvement
      3. Steps in Business Improvement
      4. Analysis of Current
        • Identify Concerns

        • Determine Priorities

        • Tools used.

      5. Develop Objectives
        • Develop objectives based on SMART Criteria
        • Tools used.
      6. Determine the Root Causes
        • Determine possible causes

        • Determine root causes

        • Tools used.

      7. Determine the Solutions
        • Determine possible solution

        • Determine the solution(s)

        • Tools used.

      8. Implement Solutions
        • Determine action plan

        • Implement action plan

        • Tools used.

      9. valuate Results and Measure Progress
      10. Determine the Next Improvement Project
      11. Closing (Summary and Conclusion).




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