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Grand Kemang  Hotel, Jakarta   | 20 – 21  July 2011 | Rp. 6.000.000,-

The Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional program, of Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA, done in India in association with Middle Earth Consultants.

The overall aim of the program is to make the participants understand the various aspects of Balanced Scorecard, and how it can be used as a strategy execution tool for enhancing the overall productivity of the organization. The program contains five modules designed in such a way that the candidate being trained is equipped with all the knowledge and practical competencies required to fully understand the various aspects of balanced scorecard and implement it successfully in their organization.


By attending this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Learn to develop 4 perspectives of a balanced scorecard
  • Learn 5 major aspects of performance measurement
  • Learn porter’s five forces analysis
  • To understand the benefits of balanced scorecard as an integrated performance management system
  • To understand the key terms used in context of balanced scorecard like leading & lagging indicators, cascading etc
  • To develop key strategic and use strategy maps
  • Learn the 6 success factors for balanced scorecard implementation

Who should attend?

The course is meant for people who are involved at the strategic level of an organization and who are involved in the planning and execution of the various key strategies of an organization. It is designed to cater to those professionals who are/will be involved in the process of organization development, who might not possess a valid certification of their proficiency in organization development.


Unique benefits to the participants:

Get a comprehensive, information packed courseware during the program and for back home use
Learn from the industry experts who have a specialist experience in the area of developing balanced scorecards
Network with other professionals with same background and interest
Brand yourself as a certified Balanced scorecard professional
Increase your earning potential as a freelance professional supporting organizations to develop balanced scorecards
Unique “risk free” money back guarantee


The overall aim of the program is to make the participants understand the various aspects of Balanced Scorecard, and how it can be used as a strategy execution tool for enhancing the overall productivity of the organization. By the end of the program the participants would:

  1. Understand the organizational performance models and diagnose the reasons for the lack pf performance in an organization.
  2. Understand the benefits of Balanced Score Card as an integrated performance management system.
  3. Understand the key terms used in context of Balanced Score Card like Leading & Lagging indicators, cascading etc.
  4. Learn to develop key strategic profiles/strategic destination and construct and use strategy maps.
  5. Learn the methodology to create and implement a balanced scorecard system.
  6. Learn to develop 4 perspectives of performance measures:  financial,      customer, internal process, learning & growth.
  7. The ways to sustain and improve the balanced scorecard.

Brief content:

ModuleTraining objectivesMethodTime
Performance Management Basics
  • What is Performance
  • Reasons for Performance Management Systems
  • What is Performance Planning
  • Why the Balanced Scorecard
Case analysis
3 hrs
Understanding the Balanced Scorecard
  • What is The Balanced Scorecard
  • Perspectives of The Balanced Scorecard
  • Top 10 Reasons for Implementing a Balanced Scorecard
Case analysis
Simulation exercises
4 hrs
Mission, Values and Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Vision
Group Exercises1 hr
Strategic Planning Overview
  • What is Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Management Process
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Strategic Choice
Group discussion
Strategy Map
  • Strategy Map as a Step in a Continuum
  • Financial Perspective: Long Term Vs. Short-Term
  • Customer Perspective: Differentiated Value Proposition
  • Internal Perspective: Value Through Internal Business Processes
  • Learning and Growth: Alignment of Intangibles
  • Bringing It Together: The Strategy Map
Case Analysis3hrs
Measures, Targets and Initiatives
  • Performance Measures
  • Measure for Financial Perspective
  • Measures for Customer Perspective
  • Measures for Internal Process Perspective
  • Measures for Employee Learning and Growth Perspective
  • Criteria for Selecting Performance Measures
  • Measure Characteristics
  • Using Targets in the Balanced Scorecard
  • Mapping and Prioritizing Organizational Initiatives
Exercise deep end de-brief
1 hr
Cascading The Scorecard & Success Factors
  • What is Cascading
  • The Cascading Process
  • Key Success Factors for the Balanced Scorecards
Lecturette1 hr
HR Aspects of The Scorecard
    • The HR Architecture As a Strategic Asset
    • Human Capital Readiness
Lecturette1 hr


The Faculty for the Program is a formidable force of trainers. They are typically in the mid or early forties with at least 20 years of corporate experience at the highest levels as head of HR , CEOs of consulting companies or as functional heads.They are handpicked for their excellence in training as vouched for by international training experience all over Asia and USA . They are corporate trainers and consultants in HR for the top companies in Asia Pacific , USA and Europe. They have been visiting faculty of top global institutes like IIM -Calcutta, Cap Gemini University France, Georgetown University USA , Indian School of Business-India. They have been winning accolades from many of the top training centers globally for their excellence in training methodologies. All the faculty use experiential learning for maximal impact .

About The Course Trainer


Rajendrais an advisor, counselor and guide following areas:

  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Financial planning of projects
  • Costing systems and analysis of cost structures
  • Operational excellence
  • Human resource management –comp & ben, competency, performance management.
  • Training

Rajendrahas over 20 years of experience in the above in India, in South East Asia -Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia; Africa -Tanzania, Kenya; Europe -UK. Has widely travelledfrom US to Australia.

He is a visiting faculty in Management Accounting, Strategy, International Finance, and Production Management, and is a speaker at various forums. Rajendra has a spiritual bent of mind and is a certified Yoga teacher.

5 Special Benefits of Attending

  1. Get a comprehensive, information packed courseware during the program and for back home use
  2. Learn from the industry experts who have vast experience in all areas of Human Resources
  3. Network with other professionals form the same industry
  4. Post training support for project work and examination
  5. Your satisfaction is guaranteed

How Certification Helps You…

  • In differentiating yourself from other candidates and leading to better visibility & job opportunities
  • Certification helps in improving your understanding of the most current knowledge & industry trends
  • Certification helps in getting a better job, either within the current or with a new organization
  • Certification indicates employers, clients & associates that you are a committed professional
  • Certification shows that being updated in your career field is a high priority for you
  • It communicates that you abide by the highest ethics & principles and have demonstrated knowledge
  • and experience

The Overall Certification Process

The candidate must note that the certification process follows globally accepted standards of evaluation based on a combination of knowledge and skill evaluation. The skill evaluation is done through

  • Projects/assignments
  • Analytical exercisesThe knowledge evaluationis done through
  • Objective and subjective questions in a structured examination process

Graphic Representation of the Certification Process with Time Lines

  • Workshop -2 days
  • Project completion-30-45 days
  • Project hard copy Submission on Exam Date
  • Written Examination as per the calendar (30-90 days from workshop)
  • Certification & Evaluation process –7 weeks after Exam

Key points to note during the assessment process

The Assessment along with the original papers will be sent for External Evaluation. The External Evaluator is not a member of MEC but directly appointedby CAMI.The complete Verification and the consolidated report will be sent to CAMI. They will assign a Unique Accession Number to each Candidate. This will bein your certificate. The entire evaluation process normally takes 2 months; during certain seasons it might take 3 months. The Certificates will be Prepared based on the final consolidated assessment. By the end of two-three months the Certificate along with the Transcript will be handed over to the participant.

Incorporated with MEC India

Certified by Carlton Advance Management Institute USA


Our Partner  is a fast growing provider for high quality training programs in Indonesia, in cooperation with Middle Earth Consultant India, a leading Corporate Training Company trusted by more than 350 Top Companies, Over 100 man years of experience, trained over 20,000 individuals at all levels in India, Dubai, Muscat, Colombo, Malaysia, Nigeria, U.S.A, and Indonesia. We provide training on various concepts like HR, Managerial & Leader Skills, Soft skills, Sales & Customer Care and Behavioral Skills. The training is conducted has Public and In-House Workshop. We also provide reputed Certifications, excellent pre and post training support using best of breed training practices. The Certification is International recognized by Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA.

About Middle Earth Consultants India

Middle Earth Consultants Pvt Ltd is India’s leading training and development company that is truly international. Headquartered in Hyderabad, it has its presence in 9 countries and 15 cities globally. Middle earth has trained more than 30,000 professionals from all levels across the globe and partners with more than 400 companies in their human capital training and development. The training programs are offered in the areas of Human Resources, Managerial & Leadership, Sales & Customer Care, Basic Skills & Traits and also Outbound. Today Middle Earth is one of Asia’s most respected training company having operations in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Middle Earth’s phenomenal success comes from implementation of a scientific and internationally proven process of world class training inputs that have contributed to:

  • Ensuring long-term retention of the concepts among the participants
  • Building innovative critical skills
  • Improving their actual behavioral traits

About Carlton Advanced Management Institute USA


Carlton advanced management institute ( CAMI ) is a global affiliating partner and an acknowledged center for global HR excellence. Started with the aim of providing best of breed HR training using the knowledge base of some of US and Asia’s top HR people , and the execution capability of Middle Earth Consultants –Asia’s number one training institution in HR, CAMI has been become one of the worlds large training companies inthe area of core HR. The globally designed programs have createdwaves with over 2000 certification candidates applying for various micro certifications globally every year Our programs are now conducted in over 30 locations world wide, in hands-on experiential training sessions. Carlton started as an online university in 1998 and has been conducting programs for working professionals across the world since then. Working with affiliates across the globe, it has trained severalthousand professionals and enhanced their productivity at the work place. Carlton offers a range of high end programs These programs are conducted by the following schools of excellence

  • Center for Excellence in HR
  • Center for Excellence in Leadership
  • Center for excellence in Sales And Customer Care

Program Details

2 day non-residential timings: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm


*) Harris Hotel, Paragon Hotel, Ibis TamarinHotel, GrandKemang Hotel (to be confirm)

The Certification Program Fee is Rp. 6.000.000 / Participant

This investment include:

  • Coffee Break  and lunch
  • Courseware
  • Exam
  • Certification Process

Note: Payment must clear 1 week before the program

Early Birds Rp. 4.800.000,-

Payment settlement 2 month before the program run
Payment Schedule: June Program before 21 April 2011


Early Birds Rp. 5.400.000,-
Payment settlement 1 month before the program run
Payment Schedule: June Program before 21 May 2011


Few quotes form our participants

Certified Recruitment Analyst, Jakarta 18-19 December 2006

  1. “It was a great program!, This program very help to know about the recruitment process and good inform and recommendation for follow up my job, very interested and good program” Arien E. Dwi Agustinin, HR Staffing & Training Cordinator.(BP Indonesia)
  2. “Fun class, nice batch, focused, can ask questions till satisfied, nice speaker, very good” Fie NA, Human Resources (PT. Trimegah Securities)
  3. “Very practical tips and tricks” Iris G. Bulkis, Human Resources Manager (UCB Indonesia)
  4. “Excellent! I’m happy join this workshop!” Anis M. Sensusri, HR Manager (Solvay Pharma Ina)
  5. “This program increase and develop my knowledge and skill for analysis recruitment and how to do be effective and efficient recruitment” Sylvia Napitupulu, Team Leader Cm-CRM Resource (PT. Excelcomindo Pratama).
  6. “Excellent trainer, excellent material, excellent information.” Lisa Andayani,Recruitment Senior Officer (AXA Mandiri).

Certified Performance and Competence Developer, Jakarta 14-15 March 2007

  1. “Good, understandable presentation, activity based learning after lunch time” Fajar Fitrianto, HR Analyst (CNOOC SES Ltd)
  2. “Good and Clear” Edhy Rumekso, HRGA Manager (PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia – KSEI)
  3. “This is the 1st program that helps to understand easily about skill & traits, comprehensive understanding, shows practical way to  implement” Tatiyana Syarif, Corporate Manager (PT Lautan Luas Tbk)
  4. “Insipired me to develop more about competency framework and performance management system, very good” Wida Ningrum, Human Resources (PT Smart Tbk)
  5. “It was great program and integrated course for Performance and Competence” Bambang Sujatmiko, T & D Coordinator (PT. SANTOS Indonesia).
  6. “Excellent!” Dr. Asiah Suroto Gunari, Director (RS. Duren Sawit).
  7. “This program is verry interested, Iam verry happy able to poin this program” Pitoyo – HR & GA Manager, PT. Panasonic Lighting Indonesia
  8. “Program is quite good, quit heavy but very useful if” Gogor Ugroseno – Manager Competency Development. PT. Exelcomindo Pratama Tbk
  9. “A new concept that can broadden my knowledge” Rahmad ramadhan – HR Tax & Accounting Manager, Lippo Bank

Certified Assessment Center Analyst, Jakarta 7-8 May 2007

  1. ” Excellent” Asiah Suroto Gunari MD MSc – Director, Duren Sawit Hospital
  2. “This program is extremely useful in selecting and evaluating exercises, assessment matrix and evaluation formats, and skills required by an assessor” M Ichsan Arif – HR Manager, Bank Syariah Mandiri
  3. I think this program very good especiallyfor me as HR in Duren Sawit Hospital. I know ho to make Assessment center, so how became an assessor..” Nurpandi- HR    Manager, Duren Sawit Hospital
  4. Very interesting and very good!” Aprilia Djayanegara – Asst Mgr Training and Learning, Frisian Flag
  5. ” Very good and help and very good!” M. Ridwan – Psychologist & Coord. Mental Rehabilitation,  Duren Sawit Hospital
  6. ” Very good and help a lost “ Kriss Budi Utomo

Certified Compensation And Benefits Manager, Jakarta 9-10 May 2007

  1. “Interesting and useful to applied in daily job” Rahmad Ramadhan – HR Tax & Accounting Manager – Lippo Bank
  2. “Very good program!.. The theory and application can be made as material for benchmarking in our company” Yugi Thusida – Departemen Head, PT. Smart Tbk
  3. This program is concise and clear. It covers all component of compensation, so that, as a new professional, I can get the big picture of Compensation system” Sutrisno – Supervisor, Compensation & HRIS – PT Badak NGL Plantside
  4. “This Program extremely useful for Compensation and Benefits Environment” Eddy Haristiani – Senior Staff HR & Org. Planning – PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II
  5. “It’s a good program, the instructure can explain and answer the question clearly” Gita Indriati – HR Staff,  PT Rajawali Nusantara  Indonesia

Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional, Jakarta 23-24 July 2007

  1. This Program very helpful in buil my new mindset about Balanced Scorecard, and I hope through this program I can finished the assignment from my company to setting our planning to complementing Balanced Scorecard in 2008″ Hanifa Sutrisna – Staff Anggaran, PT. Angkasa Pura I
  2. ” Good program” Hirayanti – Training Departement, PT. Boehringer Ingelheim Indonesia
  3. ” I can get benefit of this program to implement in company. I hope usefull” Jon Hendri, Staff, PT. Angkasa Pura I
  4. ” The program is very informative lively. Excellent participants. I was more informed this time round about Balanced Scorecard” Widya Kumara – Training Division, PT. Angkasa Pura
  5. ” Outstanding..Comprehensive understanding about Balanced    Scorecard” Fauzan Adi Wibowo – Executive & Director Staff, PT. Indocement Tunggal Prakasa Tbk
  6. ” This program is very good to my company” Prasetyo – Staff Pembendaharaan, PT. Angkasa Pura I
  7. ” Good for starting knowledge” Iris Purwandari – HR Manager, PT. Essence Indonesia International Flavour & Fragrances
  8. ” Iam very interesting, because give me more knowledge for about Balanced Scorecard ” Nani Rochaeni – Staff Pembendaharaan, PT.  Angkasa Pura I
  9. ” Very Good ” Riko Hendrawan – Riko Hendrawan, Staff HRD, PT.   Angkasa Pura I

Certified Recruitment Analyst Batch-2, Jakarta 24-25 Oktober 2007

  1. “It was “Great” program and very practical tips” Puspita Sara Wardhani –  Recruitment Departement, PT. Excelcomindo Pratama
  2. “Verry Good” Nutria Meiradiani –  HR Manager, PT. Swisstime International
  3. “I felt satisfied after followed this workshop, because of all the materials are really conected with my daily tasks on my job description. I also learnt a lot of being good interviewer” Shandy  Agustina – HR Officer, PT. Bank Chinatrust Indonesia
  4. “Good, with addition materia such, personality, values of life” Guntoro –  Pengembangan Organisasi dan SDM, PT. Semen Gresik
  5. ” This program is a good learning to improve our capacity an recruitment prose, we can learnt from the mistake, we can see a lot of different thing that we belief it was good, actually its need to improve. Iwan Tarmizi – Oxfarm GB Banda Aceh
  6. “It’s good, makes me learn about process recruitment” Toty Virani – Recruitment Departement, PT. Excelcomindo Pratama

Certified Recruitment Analyst Batch-3, Jakarta 30-31 February 2008

  1. ” Good Training, clear enough about topic adn more experience and knowlegde about recruitment” Cut Yulelfi – Recruitment, Save The Children Federation
  2. ” Good Enough” Albert JayadiCorporate HR Recruitment Head, PT. Wijaya Karya
  3. ” Complete and Enlightening” Raymond S. Banjanahor – HR System & Recruitment Manager, PT. Hexindo Adiperkasa Tbk
  4. ” Good Training” Riama Eva Martha HutabaratRecruitment, Save The Children
  5. ” Great Program” Rahmah Hidayah – Recruitment Supervisor, PT. Hexindo Adhiperkasa Tbk
  6. ” A Good Program ” Rahmi Sukma – Recruitmen Departement, PT. Indonesia Power
  7. ” A Good Training ” Hilda Hilmiyanti – Recruitment Departement, PT. Indonesia Power

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