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Certified of ISPS (International Standard Port Security) Code

Certified of ISPS (International Standard Port Security) Code

Ibis Slipi Hotel, Jakarta | February 15-17, 2010 | Rp.5.750.000,-



A regulation of International Ship and Port Facility Security Code


After joining in this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the regulation of International/National convention that link to port security facilities
  • Increase the attention and alertness of port security
  • Understand the implementation of International Standard Port Security (ISPS)
  • Facilities Regulation in activities of Port Security
  • Safety Operational Procedure Aspect


  1. Introduction to ISM Code
    • Back ground
    • Maritime Security
    • Ship & Port operation & Condition
  2. Maritime threats & Counter measures
    • Detection, dangerous substances and device
    • Methods of physical searches
    • Techniques security measures
    • Crowed Management and control technique
  3. Implementation, maintenance and modification of PFSP
    • Confidentiality issues
    • Implementation and Development of PFSP
    • Maintenance and modification of PFSP
  4. Audit, Review and Inspection
    • Monitoring and control
    • Security audit and inspections
  5. Security Procedures
    • Maintenance security of the ship/port interface
    • Implementation of security procedures
  6. Contingency Plan
    • Training
    • Drill
    • Exercise
  7. Monitoring of Facility Security
    • Reporting security incident
    • Monitoring and control
  8. Record and Check list
    • Documentation and records
    • Security audit and inspection


  • Marine Terminal Superintendent
  • Health and safety Officer
  • Tank and Shipping Installations
  • Head/ Staff of Port Operational
  • Supporting Staff who is actives in port operational
  • Port Security
  • Everybody who wants to enlarge the knowledge and interest in the above subject.


Suhendar Wijaya. SE. MM and Team

Suhendar Wijaya. SE. MM is a practitioner who has various experiences in safety field for about 22 years. Graduated from general education, he also graduated from special education such as basic & Advance fire fighting from Yokosuko in Japan, basic & advance safety, Liquefied Gas carrier Safety, Petroleum Tanker safety and Tanker operation, Oil and Gas Tanker in Osaka Japan, Marine Pollution in Edinburgh. International Health & safety management in London, Shipping Economic Engineering and many others.

February 15-17, 2010
3 days

Ibis Slipi Hotel, Jakarta

Tuition Fee
Rp.5.750.000,- per participant, excluding accommodation & tax.

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