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Corporate Communication And Reputation

Corporate Communication And Reputation

Ibis – Slipi Hotel, Jakarta | July 5-7, 2010 | Rp.5.250.000,-


Communication is the oldest tool to understand each other in the history of human being.

Many problems arise due to miscommunications. In industry, communication is the hard of organization. Almost 95% of manager’s time spends for communication. So communication is very importance.

The best or the worse reputation of organization mainly is reflection of stake holder perception. Organization has to develop an excellence communication to its stakeholders. Organization needs to wipe out bad perception in stakeholders’ mind. How?

This workshop is going to discuss theories is also going to discuss a case study. The cases will help participants to have in-depth insight of company’s reputation and communication.


  • To promote understanding of reputation and communication. Why company’s reputation and communication are important?
  • To help participants in conducting better an internal and external organization communication
  • Participants will understand elements of mistake in doing communication and learns from it
  • Participants will share best practice among participants in maintaining and promoting better reputation of company


  • Communication as management tool. What is reputation? Who do you think you are? Why company’s reputation is a result of stake holders’ perception? Changing “Bad Reputation”. Case Study: Internal stakeholders that create reputation
  • Communication plan and model. Identity, Image, and Reputation. How to exceed expectations? Case Study: Positives and negatives of External Stakeholders’ reaction to company. Develop press relies and Media Relations
  • Understanding target audience expectation in mass- communication Introduction to Communication Audits. Example of ECCO-DCL (Episodic Communication Channels in Organization-Data collection log-sheet)


  • Superintendent, Manager, Specialist
  • Formalities Staffs
  • General Affair Staffs or Manager,
  • Office managers
  • Everybody or professional who wants to broaden knowledge or gain Benefit from this course


Saifudin Bachrun & Associate

Saifudin Bachrun has formal education in Chemistry and Industrial Management focus on Project Planning. He has more 25 years worked in multinational such as: PT. Amoco Mitsui, PT. MATTEL Indonesia, PT. CABOT Indonesia, PT. Maxus Southeast Sumatra, PT. BAT Indonesia and other national company as managerial position until leader executive for Industrial Relation and Human Capital.

He received many reward form companies such as: Mattel Inc. CEO (Head Quarter at El Segundo, California, USA) on Crisis Management, the Best Cabot Worldwide Employee Role Model form Cabot CEO, Boston, USA. And he also works as lecturer and consultant.

Fachri F. Fachrul graduated from Faculty of Law of University of Indonesia. His area of expertise include: Land Law, Corporate Law, Capital Market Law, Banking Law, Airline Business, etc. He has experienced at PT. Sempati Air, Minang Warman Sofyan & Associates Law Offices, etc.

Maryosdi has more 12 years experiences as an appraiser in some company such as: PT. Telkom Indonesia, PT. Antam, PT. Wijaya Karya, PT. SMART, RNI Group, Aqua Group, PT. PGN, PT. Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia, PT. Petrokimia Gresik, RS. MH Thamrin, etc.

July 5-7, 2010
3 days

Ibis – Slipi Hotel, Jakarta

Tuition Fee
Rp.5.250.000,-    per participant, excluding accommodation & tax.


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