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Corrosion Engineering: Insulation and Fireproofing Material

Corrosion Engineering: Insulation and Fireproofing Material

Papandayan Hotel, Bandung | November 16-19 , 2009 | Rp.7.250.000,-



Insulation materials have been applied to piping and process equipments to increase efficiency by maintaining process temperature (prevent heat losses), protecting from fire, and preventing external corrosion. During applications, materials degradation due to corrosion under insulation has been found and caused serious damage to the equipment. The damages are aroused from either improper insulation design or improper insulation materials. Understanding the corrosion mechanism and the application of insulation on piping and process equipment is very important to avoid failure of the equipments.

This training will focus on corrosion failure types, especially corrosion under insulation; the insulation design, and insulation materials.

To achieve the practical application of the course, the course materials have been prepared based on internationally recognized sources, such as ASM Handbook, NACE standard, API standard, and NORSOK standard.


1. Corrosion Failures

  • Electrochemistry of Corrosion
  • Type of corrosion failures

2. Corrosion Under Insulation

  • Corrosion mechanism
  • Effect of Water, Contaminants, and Temperature
  • Effect of Insulation Materials
  • Effect of materials : carbon steel and austenitic stainless steel
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Mitigation Steps

3. Insulation Materials

  • Insulation Materials and Properties
  • Insulation System Design
  • Insulation Products
  • Insulation for Industrial Piping
  • Insulation for Process Equipments

4. Fireproofing Insulation Materials

  • Acoustic Insulation Materials
  • Combination of Insulation Types


  • Design engineer
  • Fabrication engineer
  • Quality assurance personnel’s
  • Maintenance personnel’s
  • Purchasing personnel’s
  • Everyone who wish to broaden their knowledge on this course subject



DR. Ir. Husaini Ardy is a lecturer at Mechanical Engineering ITB. He received his bachelor degree in 1984 and Master degree in 1987 degree from Mechanical Engineering of ITB. He continued to study in the field of Material Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA, in 1994 he completed his Ph.D. degree. He has been involving in material selections and mechanical component failure analysis for the industries in Indonesia.

DR. Husaini regularly conduct seminars for the industries for both public and in-house in Indonesia. In a team, he has successfully handled the following projects:

  • Failure analysis some engineering components at oil and gas companies (TOTALFINA-ELF, BP-ARCO, VICO, CPI, CONOCO, KONDUR, ARUN NGL, EXXONMOBIL); fertilizer companies (PUSRI, KUJANG, PKT); petrochemical companies (PETROGRES); automotive and transportation companies (PTKAI, FEDERAL, GARUDA Airline, Merpati Nusantara Airline).
  • Material selections for line pipe, flow lines, and down hole tubing in some oil and gas companies.
  • Materials verification, testing and assessment in Mobil Oil and ARCO.
  • Materials failure analysis and assessment for CONOCO.
  • Corrosion mitigation for gas industries.


November 16-19 , 2009
4 days

Papandayan Hotel, Bandung

Tuition Fee

Rp.7.250.000,- per participant, excluding accomodation & tax.


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