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Pusdiklat  Bulog Lt 4, Jakarta | 29 – 30 November  2012 | Rp. 3.750.000,- / peserta
Pusdiklat  Bulog Lt 4, Jakarta | 28 – 29 Januari 2013 | Rp. 3.750.000,- / peserta
Pusdiklat  Bulog Lt 4, Jakarta | 25 – 26 Februari 2013 | Rp. 3.750.000,- / peserta
Pusdiklat  Bulog Lt 4, Jakarta | 14 – 15 Maret 2013 | Rp. 3.750.000,- / peserta
Pusdiklat  Bulog Lt 4, Jakarta | 25 – 26 April  2013 | Rp. 3.750.000,- / peserta


Project Cost & Schedule Control

Only a profitable organization can remain “on the scene”, and manage succesful project compeltion.
A company can only re-invest the anticipated profit margins if it employs a PROJECT CONTROL system that provides employees a framework to effectively control key milestones and expenditures on contracted work.

The key secret: ‘CONTROL’ is a PRO-ACTIVE activity.  It requires that an influence be exercised that positively affects the outcome. This means that the person seeking to control a project must take ACTION based on a well-defined plan, as opposed to REACTING to events after they have happed.

Control is not about fixing problems as much as about preventing problems and causing desired outcomes.
This two-day course provides an insight into the project control environment for small, medium, to large projects either within a multiple or single project environment; presents the necessity of planning and how to establish the baseline plan for both cost and schedule; teaches fundamentals of cost and schedule monitoring, and provides for project controls including status, progress, updates, variances, forecast, and measuring project performance.

Participants are expected to be able:

  • To explain the project  control cycle
  • Prepare cost & schedule baseline
  • Measure and analyze cost/schedule  performance
  • Manage influencing factors impacting final completion and cost of project
  • Take preventive actions prior to incurrence of unnecessary costs

 Topics discussed:

  • Project Control Cycle and processes
  • Procedures for establishment of  cost & schedule baseline plan
  • Monitoring, tracking of cost and schedule progress
  • Change Control System
  • Cost and schedule reporting and Analysis
  • Schedule control Measures
  • Cost Control Measures ( related to direct material cost – direct labor – indirect – subcontract – and overheads)

Training Leader :

Nuget F Gunawi
Facilitated by certified Project Management consultant who has over 20 years in project control in diverse project undetakings including overseas assignment with Aramco Saudi & AECOM program in North Africa. — Cases simulation uses both Cost Engineering techniques and Earned Value

Investment Fee:
Rp 3.750.000 /peserta

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