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Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

Jakarta | 30-31 March 2009 | Rp 2,000,000.-



Why a workshop on creativity is is so important for everyone’s business? The reason is competition. We have refined our products, improved our services and cut our cost. We all have the same technology and the same situation. On what basis then, will the victorious competitive emerge? John Naisbitt, author of Megatrends and Megatrends 2000 states: ‘… in the new information- rich, de-centralized, global society, creativity will be increasingly valued in business. Creativity is the corporation’s competitive edge’.

This workshop will dispel the ‘creative myth’ -that creativity is a ‘gift’ that one is born with. And that those with this gift can simply tap into some magical ‘creative force’ for an endless stream of marvelous creative ideas.

Give yourself and your organization the competitive edge that you will need. Attend this two-day seminar and discover how creative thinking will increase your creative abilities.


Other Benefits

  • You will learn the deliberate and structured approach to the generation of creative ideas

  • You will gain a clear understanding of the logic of concept change and creative thinking

  • You will gain an understanding of creative attitudes that can be used in business as well as private life

  • You will gain a good knowledge and use of tools and techniques that can be applied systematically to increase individual as well as group creativity.


Who Should Attend

  • Executives, Managers, Supervisors or any body who wants to increase his/her creativity.



  • Two days – 16 hours.



1.      Introduction / Background

  • Workshop Objectives

  • Expectation of Participants.

2.   Barriers to Creativity

3.   Creative Processes

  • Orientation: pointing out the problem

  • Preparation: gathering pertinent data

  • Analysis: breaking down the relevant material

  • Idea-generation: building idea alternatives

  • Incubation: letting the idea grow to allow illumination

  • Synthesis: putting the pieces together

  • Evaluation: judging the resulting ideas.

4.   Creative Thinking Technique-1

  • Group techniques.

5.   Creative Thinking Technique-2

  • Individual techniques.

6.   Creative Thinking Technique-3

  • Individual techniques.

7.    Management Role in Creativity

8.   Closing (Summary and Conclusion).



Sahala P. Sinurat. He accomplished, after getting a scholarship from Overseas Fellowship Program (World Bank), his master degree in Operations Research from University of Delaware, Newark (US) in 1990.

With a proven record of teaching, training and consulting experiences and exposure to different cultures behind him, he held several positions at various organizations that include:

  • A researcher for the National Institute for Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN)

  • Professional Staff to Lembaga PPM (a well-known management institute in Indonesia), specialized in human resources management and development, operations/production management, quantitative analysis; lecturer at post graduate of Lembaga PPM. He has about 4000 hours of teaching to big, medium and small companies, local as well as multinational companies.

  • Training and Development Manager for Rothmans of Pall Mall Indonesia, producer of white cigarette such as Dunhill, Kansas, White Horses, etc. His final project with the company was to lead assessment and selection process for merger purposes between British American Tobacco – Rothmans of Pall Mall Indonesia).

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