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Drilling Operation for Nondrilling Personnel

Drilling Operation for Nondrilling Personnel

Melia Purosani Hotel, Yogyakarta  | August 18-20, 2009 | Rp. 4.950.000,-



After following this courses participant of courses expected can:

  • Comprehending work scope in drilling operation
  • Comprehending phases planning of well
  • Comprehending the understanding of formation pressure and bearing of with planning of drilling
  • Comprehending components of rig
  • Comprehending drilling material types ( mud, cement and casing) and also his function
  • Comprehending drilling directional
  • Comprehending the drilling problem-problem and hand of


Well Planning

  • Well Planning
  • Classification Type Well
  • Formation Pressure
  • Cost Estimate
  • Well Planning Process

Preparation Of Drilling Operation

  • Introduction
  • Preparation of Area
  • Transportation
  • Direction of worker
  • Building Rig
  • Support & Installation Equipment
  • Final Preparation

Formation Pressure & Frac Gradient

  • Introduction
  • Normal Pressure
  • Abnormal Pressure
  • Drilling Problem Related to Pressure Formation
  • Zone Transition
  • Abnormal Pressure Detection
  • Fract Gradient Formation

Component Of Rig

  • Power System
  • Hoisting System
  • Circulating System
  • Rotating System
  • Well Control
  • Well Monitoring

Drillstring Design

  • Calculation of Drillstring Design

Drilling Fluid

  • Introduction
  • Drilling Fluid Function
  • Characteristic of Drilling Fluid
  • Hydrations Bentonite
  • Type of Drilling Fluid

Casing Setting Depth

  • Type Casing & Tubing
  • Setting Depth Casing Problem

Casing Design

  • Function of Casing
  • Classification of Casing
  • Weight on Casing
  • Calculation of Casing Design


  • Function of Cement
  • Composition of Cement
  • Classification of Cement
  • Characteristic of Cement
  • Additive of Cement

Directional Drilling

  • Type of Directional Drilling
  • Simple Build Curve
  • Monitoring of Drilling Path

Hole Problems

  • Pipe Stuck
  • Sloughing Shale
  • Lost Circulation

Well Control

  • Well Control
  • Primary Control
  • Kick
  • Secondary Control
  • Well Killing
  • BOP


Managers, Bankers, Secretaries, Accountants, Lawyers, Purchasing Agents, Businessmen, Owners of Oil Properties, Oilfield Suppliers and Salesmen, Administration personnel and supportive and Industry personnel


Ir. Boedi Windiarto

Ir. Boedi Windiarto has graduated from bachelor degree of petroleum engineering. To share his knowledge with other people, he leads in training and courses at several topics, such as: Gas Lift Operation for Optimize Production, Basic Drilling Engineering for Operation, Well Completion & Work over, Basic Reservoir and Drilling Engineering

Mr. Boedi is a team leader for a group of Schlumberger Engineers outsourcing. He was supporting production and reservoir for Marginal Field Wonocolo Pertamina Cepu.


August 18-20, 2009
2 days

Melia Purosani Hotel, Yogyakarta

Tuition Fee
Rp. 4.950.000,- per participant, excluding accommodation & tax


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