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DRP 300 : Implementing IT Disaster Recovery Planning, IT DRP

DRP 300 : Implementing IT Disaster Recovery Planning, IT DRP
Chase Plaza, 9th Floor, Jakarta | 7-9 November 2011 | Rp. 13.800.000 / pax


DRP 300 is a 2.5-Day intermediate course, with a 100 Multiple Choice Question Electronic Examination, enables IT  Disaster Recovery (DR) Managers and Planners, IT Professionals to be introduced to the key concepts of developing business continuity and disaster recovery strategies, design and implementation of DR plans, preparing and conducting awareness andtraining programmes and prepare the candidates for the  Qualifying Disaster Recovery Certified Specialist (DRCS) Examination. Participants with at least 2 years of  DR experience may go on to formally apply for the certification.


Note: Passing the Qualifying DRCS examination  does not automatically grant participant the DRCS certification.

Participants will be imparted with crucial DR skills and knowledge; empowering them to support the organisation and DRP team to:

  1. Assess risk to IT and technology related components within the IT environment.
  2. Understand the conduct of the application impact analysis used to identify critical IT and

technology resources to support key users.

  1. Be able to related to Recovery Objectives and identify the recovery solutions.
  2. Develop and evaluate effectiveness of related recovery procedures.
  3. Walkthrough the tests and exercises for IT disaster recovery.


  1. Introduction to Business Continuity Management (BCM)
  2. Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Fundamental
  3. Establish the Need for DR
  4. DR Planning Methodology
  5. Project Management
  6. Identify and Evaluate IT and Infrastructure Risks
  7. Identify the Impacts to Business due to a disaster
  8. Recovery Strategy
  9. Commercial Services
  10. Recovery Agreement and RFP
  11. Plan Development
  12. Ensure Your DR Plan Works
  13. DRP Program Management


  • 7-9 November 2011 (Include exam day)
  • Chase Plaza, 9th Floor – Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 21 – Jakarta 12920


  • 100 Multiple Choice Questions Electronic Qualifying Disaster Recovery Certified Specialist Examination
  • Applicable for Business Continuity Certified Planner (BCCP) or Disaster Recovery Certified Specialist (DRCS)


Rp. 13.800.000 / pax

Free :

  • DRP handbook
  • BCM Institute Disctionary 3rd Edition
  • Manager’s Guide To IT DRP
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