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Effective Inventory Accounting

Effective Inventory Accounting

Yogyakarta |  23-26 April 2012 | IDR 7,000,000.00 per participant
Yogyakarta | 24-27 September 2012 | IDR 7,000,000.00 per participant


One post with the greatest value on the balance sheet of the company’s inventory. This means that the magnitude of the inventory value of the magnitude of the capital company which are embedded in it. So the required measurement and control are quite closely. Mainly by the Accounting section (other than part Warehousing). Because with this great value, inventory will be vulnerable to a potential loss, and fraud (fraud). For that the company needs a capable pesonil is in charge of recording transactions inventory, assess, evaluate and report to management with accurate data and adequate. Because with this valid inventory data, management will be helpful in taking the right decision with regards to aktivatas Corporation.


Support personnel in the logistic


  1. Can perform effective process in accounting for inventory adminitrasi
  2. Can do the assessment and measurement of inventory according to the appropriate accounting principles.
  3. Can plan and execute pengendalain inventory and stock taking.
  4. Provide important information in decision-making by management.


  • The concept of inventory: that they are presented in accordance with the concept of common accounting
  • Inventory systems in manufacturing: ABC, EOQ, MRP and Just In Time
  • Risk management and potential fraud in inventory: motivation, detection and pencegahannya
  • Inventory valuation: FIFO system, LIFO and Average Costing
  • Storage systems and reporting inventory
  • Costing inventory : methods and constraint
  • Budgeting and reporting inventory: drafting and review
  • The process of administrative and record-keeping inventory: purchase, storage, sale and payment collection
  • The influence of the value of the inventory, accounts receivable, cash accounts payable and working capital
  • Inventory control: cycle counting and stock taking
  1. Counting off with production
  2. Counting off without production
  • Treatment against variants inventory, allowance resistance inventory and troubles
  • The influence of foreign exchange and taxation of inventory
  • Audit of inventory
  • Best practice in inventory accounting


Dr. Baldric Siregar
He experienced in finance and accounting


  • Presentation
  • Discuss
  • Case Study
  • Evaluation
  • Simulation


  • Yogyakarta,
  • 23-26 April 2012
  • 24-27 September 2012
  • 4 days 08 am – 04 pm


IDR 7,000,000.00 per participant non residential


  • Module / Handout
  • Certificate
  • Souvenir
  • Training Kit



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