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Effective Leadership for Supervisor SDM

Effective Leadership for Supervisor SDM 
Hotel Puri Artha, Yogyakarta | 13 – 14  Desember 2011   | Rp. 8.500.000,- / peserta ( non residential )


The role of the supervisors and manager has changed. In the past, supervisors and managers were expected to be the boss, evaluator, judge and critic. In today’s rapadly changing world the authoritarian manager that valued compliance, confirmity and command control hierarchies will not be able to keep up the pace of change.
Today, manager and supervisor must become a partner, facilitator, cheerleader, supporter and coach in order to be successful. As leaders, our task is to accomplish the organizational mission by means of our greatest resource, our people. As leaders we must understand that the value of diversity is that each individual brings his or her unique experience, skills and commitment to the organization and its mission. Today’s leader must be able to successfully use a variety of leadership styled depending on the task, mission and individual. Situational leadership can provide you with a effectiveness and success as a supervisor, in this rapidly changing world.


  • Pemimpin Bank atau Lembaga Pembiayaan
  • Pemimpin BUMN, BUMD, Badan Usaha Swasta
  • Pemimpin Perusahaan Publik
  • Pelaku pasar Modal (Underwriter, Pialang/ Investor)
  • Kepala Satuan Pemeriksaan Intern
  • Pemimpin Bagian Kredit
  • Officer / Analisis kredit
  • Corporate Secretary



Part-1 :

Leadership Skills
a.What is Leadership

  • Definition
  • Why leadership is important for your company
  • The Difference between Leadership and Managementship.

b.Six Traits of Effetive Leaders

  • Drive
  • Desire to Lead
  • Integrity
  • Self-Confidence
  • ntelligence.

c.Managerial Grids of Leaders
d.Contingency Model of Leadership
e.Element of High Performing Leader

  • Leader as a Vision Creator
  • Leader as a Team Builder
  • Leader as a Task Allocator
  • Leader as a People Developer
  • Leader as a Motivation Stimulator

Part-2 :

Situational Leadership
a.What is Leadership

  • Definition
  • Self-leadership Assessment.

b.Leadership Behavior

  • Leader behavior: Task behavior
  • Leader behavior: Relationship behavior
  • Practical exercise.

c.Leadership Styles

  • The four leadership styles
  • Practical exercise.

d.Follower Readiness

  • Ability and willingness
  • Readiness indicators
  • The four readiness levels
  • Practical exercise.

e.Leadership Styles and Readiness Levels

  • Leadership styles and readiness levels
  • Practical exercise.

f.Your Leadership Styles

  • Your leadership style profile
  • Consequence of leader behavior.

g.Leadership Training Action Plan

  • Concept implementation on participants own subordinate development plan (Implementation in your company).

Part-3 :

Leadership Integrated Games
Combination of problem solving and decision making, group dynamics and situational leadership.


Drs. Fauzan Asmara, MM dan Tim
Instruktur merupakan Pakar dan Praktisi di bidang manajemen SDM
Aktif sebagai pembicara di berbagai seminar, dan konsultan beberapa perusahaan BUMN dan PMA

Who Should Attend

  • Inventory Planners and their staff
  • Logistics Manager and staff
  • Warehouse Manager and staff
  • Cost controller and staff
  •  Finance managers and staff
  • Procurement managers and staff


This course will be using the method of presentation to understand the concepts, discussion and sharing experience or case studies. At the end of the session, the participant will be directed in making the action plan that will be applied after returning to the workplace.


3 days training


13 – 14  Desember 2011 


Hotel Puri Artha, Yogyakarta

Course fee:

  • IDR 5.000.000,- / participant ( non residential )
  • Special Rate: Rp.4.750.000,-/ participant (non residential) for minimum 3 participants from the same company.
  • Special Rate: Rp. 4.500.000,-/ participant (non residential) for minimum 5 participants from the same company.

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