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How to Develop Employee Handbook

How to Develop Employee Handbook

Jakarta | 8 Februari 2010 | Rp. 1.500.00,-


I.    Background / Objectives

The Employee Handbook is one of the most important documents and communication tools of a business. It sets forth the policies and benefits provided by the company. As such, it expresses the philosophy, goals and ethical atmosphere that is maintained by the business. A clear and unambiguous document describes what the employee can expect from the company, and in turn, outlines the expectations the company has of the employees. It provides a picture of the type of person and attitude that is desired in all team members.

This course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to enable them to develop employee handbook which based on a good standard format.


II.   Other Benefits

  • Assess whether your key employee documentation is up-to-date with the latest employment law and is as comprehensive as it could be

  • Develop a clear understanding of the benefits associated with an employee handbook as opposed to stand alone policies and procedures

  • Understand some of the legal issues associated with the various policies and procedures contained within a standard employee handbook

  • Learn how an employee handbook interacts with employment contracts

  • Appreciate how changes made to the handbook will be legally binding

  • Comprehend the main requirements and procedural steps of essential policies and procedures

  • Understand the application of the key policies in practice.


III. Who Should Attend

  • HR directors and managers

  • HR and personnel officers and assistants

  • In-house legal advisers

  • Managers from any functions


IV.    Training Agenda

1.       Introduction / Background

  • Workshop Objectives

  • Expectation of Participants.

2.       Objectives, Concerns and Policies

  • Management Objectives

    • Advantages of an employee handbook to the employer

    • Advantages of an employee handbook to supervision

    • Advantages of an employee handbook to employee.

  • Management Concerns

    • When to revise or update and employee handbook

    • Company conditions necessitating revision of employee handbook

    • Do you need more than one handbook?

  • Management Policies

    • Informal policies

    • Advantages of policies statements

    • Identifying policy

    • Establishing policies

    • Classifying and integrating policies

    • Policy manuals.

3.       The Legal Standing Responsibilities for Drafting, Editing and Publishing

  • Assigning responsibilities for the initial draft or revision

  • What should and should not be covered in an employee handbook

  • Writing drafts of the employee handbook

  • Production of the employee handbook

  • Keeping your employee handbook up to date.

4.       Distributing the Employee Handbook

  • Schedule a management meeting prior to distribution

  • Schedule employee group meetings for distribution

  • Distribution of the new employee handbook to new employees

  • Sending a follow up letter to employees.

5.       Closing (Conclusion and summary)


V.   Facilitator: Tim Trainer



Schedule :           8 Februari 2010


Venue :            Acasia Hotel, Jakarta Pusat


Investment :     Rp. 1.500.000,-


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