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Energy Audit : From Thermodynamic Concept to Energy Auditing Implementation

Energy Audit: From Thermodynamic Concept to Energy Auditing Implementation
Hotel Golden Flower, Bandung | 31 Mei – 3 Juni 2011 |  09.00 – 16.30 WIB | Rp 7.750.000,00


Training Objective.

After completing this training, you should able to do the following

  1. Apply the concept of thermodynamic for calculating the energy
  2. Identify the source of energy including Solid Fuel, Liquid Fuel, Gaseous Fuel and Fuel Cells; and their ability to generate energy and the associated cost
  3. Apply the concept Thermodynamics to convert heat energy to mechanical energy
  4. Explain the concept of Boilers, Process Heating equipments and  Industrial Furnaces
  5. Explain how heat can be recovered using the concept of regeneration and recuperation
  6. Perform calculation for Heat Exchanger rating.
  7. Explain the Concept of Cogeneration
  8. Analyzing the Heat Exchanger network
  9. Evaluate the Energy performance of a system and use it for energy audit


Day 1

  1. Basics for Energy Conversion: The First Law of Thermodynamics
  2. The Second Law of Thermodynamics and its Application
  3. Energy Resources
    1. Solid Fuel
    2. Liquid Fuel
    3. Gaseous Fuel
    4. Fuel and Energy Costs
    5. Heat Generation
      • Thermal Energy Conversion and Utilization
    6. Boilers
    7. Process Heating equipment
    8. Industrial Furnaces
      • Heat Recovery
    9. Regeneration
    10. Recuperators

Day 2

  1. Electrochemical Energy Conversion
  2. Heat Exchangers
  3. Cogeneration

Day 3

  1. Energy Integration Analysis: Heat Exchanger Network

Day 4

  1. Energy Based Evaluation of Performance: Basic for Energy Audit
  2. Energy Audit


Pembicara :

Marthen Luther Doko

Alumnus Institut Teknologi Bandung tahun 1982  dan melanjutkan S2 di Institut Teknologi Bandung lulus tahun 1997. Saat ini menjabat sebagai Department Head  of  Chemical Engineering Dept. National Institute of Technology dan  Lecturer in Chemical Engineering Dept. National Institute of Technology.

Sering mengikuti seminar di dalam dan luar negeri antara lain : International Seminar on Chemical Engineering 2010, International Federation of Automatic Control Simposium on Automatic Control 2006, International Symposium on Chemical Engineering, Hanoi 2005, Seminar Nasional Teknik Kimia “Kejuangan” 2007, dll.




  • 31 Mei – 3 Juni 2011, Pkl. 09.00 – 16.30 WIB



Hotel Golden Flower, Bandung



Rp 7.750.000,00/Peserta


Setiap peserta akan memperoleh ‘Certificate of Accomplishment’, Gandaan Materi baik hardcopy (makalah) maupun softcopy (CD Materi), dan konsumsi (makan siang dan 2xmeals).


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