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English Presentation skill (for managerial level)

English Presentation skill (for managerial level)

Apartment Batavia, Jakarta | 6 – 7 May 2009 ( 9 am to 5 pm) | Rp 3,850,000 / participant

Course objectives:

A Presentation is a fast and potentially effective method of getting things done through other people. In managing any project, presentations are used as a formal method for bringing people together to plan, monitor and review its progress. First it puts you on display. Your staff need to see evidence of decisive planning and leadership so that they are confident in your position as their manager. They need to be motivated and inspired to undertaking the tasks which you are presenting. Project leaders from other sections need to be persuaded of the merits of your project and to provide any necessary support. Senior management should be impressed by your skill and ability so that they provide the resources so that you and your team can get the job done. Secondly; it allows you to ask questions and to initiate discussion. It may not be suitable within the presentation formats of your company to hold a discussion during the presentation itself but it does allow you to raise the issues, present the problems and at least to establish who amongst the audience could provide valuable input to your decision making. Finally; presentations can be fun. They are your chance to speak your mind, to strut your stuff and to tell the people what the world is really like. While you hold the stage, the audience is bound by good manners to sit still and watch the performance.


Course Content

  • A speech should open and close with a bang! (Introduce yourself)
  • Focus:What is your message
  • Say it with a story
  • Your body also talks
  • The words are conveying your message (can be shortened, together with Power Point)
  • Visual Aids (Power Point)
  • Networking (30 second elevator talk)(can be short program together with the first module)
  • Your own presentation (the participants present their business presentations, mostly sales and I help them improve on it with all the elements they learned in this workshop)


Communication is a very important part in Monika’s life, besides being proficient in many languages; she is a trained communicator and Coach and helps people improve their communication skills. The art of public speaking and presenting is a skill many professionals need today; and Monika has developed an ideal program to teach it.

Monika Sugiarto was born and educated in Switzerland. As a teenager she had the dream to travel and get to know the world with all its wonders and different people and cultures. She worked for a Tour Operator; later together with her two children she followed her husband move to international postings and to support him. (Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Rome Italy, Frankfurt Germany, L.A. USA, Tokyo Japan, Sydney Australia).

Back in Indonesia, she volunteered as a National Museum Tour Guide for many years, before starting her own business, Professional Speakers Indonesia,

Monika’s specialties in Coaching and Speaking:

  • Dokter Pidato / Speech Doctor
  • Dokter Training / Training Doctor
  • The Basics of Islamic Religion for non Muslim

Monika’s activities:

  • XL Life Member, and coach,
  • Member Toastmasters International, ACS, CL, Kebayoran Club

Training Fee

  • Rp 3,850,000 / participant
  • (includes Lunch, Tea-Breaks, Course Material, Course Notes and Certificate of Completion)

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