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Excellent Customer Services

Excellent Customer Services

Jakarta | 16-17th February 2009 | 2.000.000,-


In today’s customer-oriented business environment, ‘people skills’ are critical for personal and organizational success. How you handle customers can directly affect your individual goals as well as your team and company’s performance.

This workshop gives you the skills you need to communicate professionalism, gain respect, enhance customer relationships and secure an overall competitive advantage.

Other Benefits

  • Deliver better, faster service

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Gain repeat business

  • Increase your credibility with customers -and your value to your organization

  • Knowing what customers expect

  • Creating a positive image with customer.

Who Should Attend

  • Everyone who provides a service or product to external or internal customers, including customer service representatives, technical and support personnel, field services representatives, account managers, credit and billing specialist, small business owners -as well as managers who want to reinforce their skills and train their staffs.


Two days – 16 hours.



1.       Introduction / Background

  • Workshop objectives

  • Expectation of participants.

2. Importance of Customer Services

  • The Service Advantage

  • The Customer’s View

  • Customer Loyalty.

3.   Customer Needs and Wants

  • Identify Customer

  • Discover Customers’ Needs

  • Respond Effectively.

4.   Interact With Customer

  • Communicate Face-to-Face

  • Service By Telephone

  • Written Interaction.

5. Support Customer Service

  • Develop a Partnership

  • Solve the Customer’s Problem

  • Exceed Expectation.

6.   Handle Difficult Situation

  • Soothe Upset Customer

  • Overcome Sales Resistance

  • Manage Stress.

7.   Build Customer Relationships

  • Provide Exceptional Service

  • Company Loyalty Efforts

  • Value Teamwork.

8. Closing (Summary and Conclusion).


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