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Formation Damage and Well Stimulation

Formation Damage and Well Stimulation

Bandung | Jun 1-4, 2010 | Rp. 7.250.000,-


The participants should have petroleum basic knowledge for Operator, Senior Operator, Junior Engineer and Engineer


Basic Introduction of Formation Damage and Hydrocarbon Well Stimulation

  • Damage caused by drilling mud
  • Damage caused by production well system
  • Damage caused by Well Geometry
  • Well damage modeling

Damage Measurement and Quantification System

  • Pressure Built Up Test
  • Pressure Drawdown Test
  • Multirate Test

Rock Mechanics and Reservoir Fluids

  • Insitu Stress
  • Overburden Stress
  • Flow Reign and Fluid Rheology

Acidizing Techniques

  • Well Test basic principal
  • Fluid flows in porous media
  • Well Test types

Acid Chemical Reaction and Reservoir Acid Rocks

  • Acid reaction with Carbonate Rocks
  • Acid flow to Mineral Surface
  • Acid spreading into the rocks

Additives in Acidizing

  • Surfactant
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Iron control
  • Alcohol
  • Mutual Solvent
  • Clay Stabilizer

Reservoir Rocks Mineralogy

  • Mineral surface area
  • Carbonate Rock
  • Moxie Mineral

Well Choosing Techniques for Acidizing

  • Evaluation Model
  • Transient Pressure Analysis

Acidizing Calculation Examples

Fluid Fracturing and its Additives

  • Fluid Fracturing composition
  • Basic Fluids choosing
  • Other Additives


  • Proppant types
  • Proppant Size Specification
  • Fracturing Conductivity

Hydraulic Fracturing Geometric Model

  • Pan American Model
  • PKN and KGD Model
  • Continuum Damage Mechanics Model

Fracturing Pressure Analysis

  • Basic Equation
  • Pressure during Fracturing

Frac Data

  • Formation Break Down
  • Step Rate Test
  • Shut-In Decline Test

Hydraulic Fracturing Design

  • Input Data
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Optimization

Hydraulic Fracturing Operation Evaluation


  • Operator/ Sr. Operator/ Jr. Engineer/ Non Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Production Engineers
  • Well Service Engineers
  • Everybody or professionals who wants to better understanding and broaden their knowledge from the course subject

DR. Ir. Sudjati Rachmat, DEA

DR. Ir. Sudjati Rachmat, DEA is General Manager of Program Development Department of ITB. He was an extreme dedicated consultant and researcher with countless hands-on expertise in analytical methods, engineering mathematics, computer simulation, fluid mechanic, mass and heat transfer. Mr. Sudjati has published numerous articles regarding of researches and analyses in France, Australia, USA and Singapore.

His expertise has brought him to one of the top-notch expert hired among UNOCAL, MOBIL OIL Indonesia, PPTM Migas, PT. CALTEX Pacific Indonesia, LEMIGAS, PT. LNG Bontang, VICO Indonesia, GULF, ARCO and PERTAMINA. He is an active member of SPE [Society of Petroleum Engineers] and Fine Particles Society, US. He holds Diplome d’Etude Approfondie and Docteur en Mecanique de Fluide in Methode Numerique from UCB, France.

Jun 1-4, 2010
4 days


Tuition Fee
Rp. 7.250.000,- per participant, excluding accommodation & tax.


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