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Fundamentals of Horizontal Well Technology

Fundamentals of Horizontal Well Technology
Hotel Melia Purosani,  Yogyakarta  |  Senin-Rabu , 3 – 5 September  2012  |  Rp. 7.000.000 per peserta




This training will provide important principles necessary to understand and successfully apply the technology of horizontal wells. Practical examples will illustrate how candidate horizontal wells are selected and designed using multi-disciplined team efforts to ensure both the technical and economic benefits are maximized. Methods to predict well performance such as producing rate, drainage area and fluid coning will be presented using a number of class problems. The latest technologies in drilling and completions, such as multi-laterals, slim hole drilling, and well stimulation, will also be reviewed.



  1. History and Review of Horizontal Well Technology
  2. Benefits and Applications of Horizontal Wells
  3. Horizontal Well Candidate Screening
  4. Horizontal Well Productivity Estimates
  5. Coning Prediction
  6. Well Testing
  7. Reserves Estimation
  8. Drilling Techniques and Well Completion Methods



Nursuhartono, ST, MT



The training is designed for personnel involved in the design and operation of drilling and drilling engineer.



  • Hotel Melia Purosani, Yogyakarta
  • Senin-Rabu , 3 – 5 September  2012 
  • 08.00  – 16.00 WIB


  • Biaya Rp. 7.000.000 per peserta (Non Residential).
  • Pembayaran dapat dilakukan pada saat pelatihan


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