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Gearbox Technology: Design, Analysis, Testing, Maintenance, Lubrication and Failure

Gearbox Technology: Design, Analysis, Testing, Maintenance, Lubrication and Failure

Holiday Inn Hotel, Bandung | July 21-24, 2009 | Rp. 7.250.000,-


  • Understand the standard of setting up plan for gearbox
  • Make the gearbox recalculation and planned
  • Classification and analysis of gear
  • Gear Box Maintenance
  • Measurement Technique and gear Box testing
  • Gearbox failure Analysis


  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers and supervisors
  • Service Engineers and supervisors
  • Everyone who want to enlarge their knowledge


A. Introduction

  • Application of Gear System
  • Gear Classification
  • Gear Nomenclature
  • Power Train
  • Gear Standard
  • Unit System

B. Gear Analysis

  • Power Train
  • Stress and Deflection
  • Strength/ Allowable Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Gear Design Life

C. Gear Design

  • Spur Gear
  • Helix Gear
  • Gearbox
  • Case Study
    • Spur Gear Design
    • Helix Gear Design

D. Measurement and Testing

  • Principles of Measurement
    • Geometry Measurement
    • Vibration Measurement
    • Noise Measurement
  • Gear System Efficiency
  • Gear Testing

E. Maintenance and Lubrication

  • Maintainability and Maintenance
  • Maintenance in Product Life Cycle
  • Life Cycle Cost
  • Why We Need the Maintenance
  • Maintenance Category
  • Gear Maintenance
  • Lubrication
  • Gear Lubrication
  • Power Losses in Gear
  • Type of Gear Lubrication
  • Lubrication for Loaded Gear
  • Influence of Gear Lubrication on Surface Distress

F. Gear Failure

  • Failure Classification
  • Wear
  • Surface Fatigue
  • Plastic Flow
  • Breakage
  • Hertz Contact
  • Case Study of Gear Failure

Dr. Ir. I Wayan Suweca

DR. Ir. I Wayan Suweca has been a senior consulting engineer specialist for PT. TIMAH Tbk., PT. TAMBANG BATUBARA Bukit Asam, KONDUR Petroleum S.A., and PT. KAI whereas he’s involved in failure analysis of machineries and equipments’ design. Mr. Wayan also is a distinguished professor of mechanical engineering at ITB since 1987 and has conducted numerous short courses and seminars for various major oil companies such as PT. CALTEX Pacific Indonesia, PT. FREEPORT Indonesia as well as VICO.

His field of expertise includes mechanical design and drawing, stress analysis and computer aide MSC/Nastran finite element program, mining hydraulics, and vibrations control as well as maintenance management. Mr. Wayan received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, French in 1990.

July 21-24, 2009
4 days

Holiday Inn Hotel, Bandung

Tuition Fee
Rp. 7.250.000,- per participant, excluding accommodation & tax.

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