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Golf Mind Coaching Sport Psychology For Peak Performance in Golf with Pradeep Agarwal

Golf Mind Coaching

Sport Psychology For Peak Performance in Golf with Pradeep Agarwal

Novotel Bogor & Bogor Raya Golf,Bogor  | Sabtu – Min ,  14-15 May  2011 | Rp. 8.000.000,-


  • The Mental Golf Game

Your mental game is as important as your training and equipment. The biggest component of a golfer is his mind, so mastering the mental golf is essential. Powerful Mental Skills that need to be developed. Golf is not about perfection. It’s a game of confidence. Golf is more than just a physical sport. It’s a mind game which can be achieved when a golfer has tough mental skills and a powerful mind set. The mind can be a golfer’s best friend, which helps to develop the mechanics of smooth and reliable swing for moving the ball from the tee to the cup. By utilizing psychological coaching principles you will reach your zenith and in turn, it’ll help you to play the best golf ever.


  • About Pradeep Aggarwal

Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal is a certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer. He is also a qualified Sports Psychologist and specializes in giving mind training to lot of International and National Sport persons. With great success his prominent sports persons include

The techniques which he uses with them are Self Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, 3D Modeling, Kinesiology, Energy NLP, Special Active Visualization techniques and some more advanced subconscious mind triggers and others. He help them to remove their mental blocks, change their beliefs, set higher goals, removing negative memories, developing more confidence and master new skills so that they can become more successful, lower their scores and win the tournaments.


  • MIND TRAINING FOR GOLF Lower Your Scores With Mental Training
  1. Have you suffered any of these Mental Problems?
  2. Do you get Nervous while playing the first tee shot?
  3. Do you get slump during the round?
  4. Do you get tense while putting especially the short putts?
  5. Do you have pattern of playing your worst shots (bogey, double bogey) on certain holes all the time?
  6. Do you always lack concentration?
  7. Do you always lose the round after leading for the whole round by making silly mistakes?
  8. Do you practice hard but get no result?
  9. Do you have a pattern of making bogey after playing a birdie shot?
  10. Do you play better or worse on the back nine?
  11. Do you have tendency of hitting more on right or more on left?
  12. Do you feel inconsistent during the tournament day?
  13. Do you feel fear, worry or anxiety while playing tournament in golf?
  14. Do you always focus on “Obstacles” like sand bunkers, water hazards, trees and out of bound?
  15. Do you play poorly in the competition?
  16. Do you practice hard on the driving range but lack that spirit on the competition day?

This workshop is designed to help you from overcoming all mental problems that come your way while playing golf.


  • What Mind Coaching does?
  1. You’ll be more focused and confident on every shot you play
  2. You’ll be able to overcome all your nervousness
  3. You’ll be able to hit your best shot ever
  4. You’ll be able to concentrate more hereafter
  5. You’ll be able to reach the absolute peak of your capabilities
  6. You can improve your golf score without practicing any harder
  7. Break the pattern of making bogey and always give the best shot
  8. You’ll be able to play in the zone.
  9. Play the shot on the line
  10. You’ll be able to give more consistent performance in competition
  11. You’ll be able to have deep inner beliefs on yourself
  12. You’ll be relaxed in during the round
  13. You’ll be able to switch on and switch off your concentration while playing long and short shots
  14. You’ll be able to remove nervousness and feel more confident
  15. You’ll be able to play at the present moment (Least bothered about past and future performances)
  16. You’ll be able to visualize more clearly
  17. You’ll be able to drag your mind into the right place by switching off the negative thoughts
  18. You’ll be able to set your goals and turn them into reality
  19. You’ll be able to play your game as you have never played before
  20. You’ll  be poised to post your best Golf score than ever


Program Content

  • Importance of mind training.
  • Why mind training is required?
  • Conscious mind and subconscious mind (critical factor) (left brain and right brain)
  • Goal Setting
  • Self talk- changing internal dialogue.
  • Positive thinking- positive talk
  • How to practice relaxation
  • Affirmations.
  • Power of visualization.
  • How to visualize?
  • Mental rehearsals.
  • Getting into zone and bubble.
  • 5- Major Golfing Beliefs
  • Thinking zone and playing zone.
  • Taking your practice game to your performance
  • Back-off (Refocus indicators)


Program Content

  • Pre-shot Routine
  • Drills and practice
  1. Long shots
  2. Short game
  • Putting
  • Physiology of Excellence
  • Golf Course practice
  • Closing



  • For Individual  Rp. 8.000.000,-
  • For Bogor Raya Club Member Rp. 7.000.000,-
  • For Group (minimum 3 person/group) Rp. 7.500.000,-


Date & Location

  • Batch 1 : 12 – 13 May 2011
  • Batch 2 : 14 – 15 May 2011


Novotel Bogor & Bogor Raya Golf


What You Get

  • 1 Day in-class training.
  • Coaching at Driving Range and Putting at practice green.
  • Practice in Golf Course at Bogor Raya Golf
  • 1 Night Stay at Deluxe Room at Novotel Bogor  (single occupancy)
  • 2x Breakfast, 2x Lunch , 1x dinner and 4x Coffee Break



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