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Great Supervisory Skills

Great Supervisory Skills

The Acacia Hotel, Jakarta | ———————————- | Rp 2.250.000,-

Update Outline:

Seminar/Conference Description :
A comprehensive Supervisory training course for recently appointed supervisors, experienced supervisors and managers who wish to acquire a better understanding of the nature, scope and responsibilities of the supervisory management position. The Great Supervisory training course helps prepare participants in developing the specific knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to enhance their supervisory management capabilities.

The delivery of this training will be in Bahasa Indonesia


Objectives :

At the completion of this program, participants will :

  • comprehend the scope, nature and responsibility of the supervision/management role and the demands this role places on them
  • acquire an understanding of their role as leaders, team builders and good communicators, and how these skills impact on effective supervision of their team
  • grasp the importance of setting goals, planning and prioritizing, in order to achieve organizational objectives
  • accept the viewpoint that they are responsible for achieving results through the efforts of others


Who Should Attend? :
This special program is designed for Supervisors, Team Leaders and new Managers.


Outline :

  • The Role of the Supervisor
    • Moving from doing to planning
    • The problems new supervisors encounter
    • Supervisory responsibilities to the company, team and yourself
  • The Thinking and Planning Process
    • Elements of planning
    • Setting goals and objectives
    • Steps in the planning process
  • Effective Leadership
    • Defining the meaning of leadership
    • The characteristics of leaders
    • Styles of leadership and stages of followers
    • Applying situational leadership
  • Building Winning Teams
    • The four stages of team building
    • The supervisor’s role in each stage
    • Ways to improve work teams
    • Coaching and mentoring team members
  • Effective Communication
    • Barriers to effective communications
    • Developing good listening skills
    • Developing good questioning techniques
    • Understanding non-verbal messages
    • Give and accept feedback effectively
  • Motivation
    • What do we value in work ?
    • Fundamental motivational techniques
    • Motivational theories and how they apply in the real world
  • Reasons for conflict
  • Types of conflict
  • Intervention strategies
  • Dealing with difficult people/situations


Speaker : Twela Gunawan, SE., MM

Twela is a Professional Trainer who has extensive teaching and training experience in several large companies. He has conducted Public and In-house trainings with excellent results since 1990. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia, and has attended various management trainings in Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Australia. He has about 20 years of working experience in some big National and Multi National Companies as General Manager, and also as a Professional Staff to Lembaga PPM. He is currently Director of a Management  Consulting, while teaching at the Master of Management Program at some prominent universities in Jakarta.


Date :
Tuesday, 09-02-2010 until Wednesday, 10-02-2010  |  08:00 – 17:00

Venue :
The Acacia Hotel, Jakarta.

Fee :
Rp 2.250.000,-


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