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Grounding for The Petrochemical Industry

Grounding for The Petrochemical Industry

Yogyakarta | 21-24 May 2012 | IDR 7.000,000.00 per participant
Yogyakarta | 17-20 September 2012 | IDR 7.000,000.00 per participant


It has been determined that over 70 per cent of all electrical problems in industrial, commercial and institutional power systems are due to poor grounding and wiring errors. Without proper grounding, sensitive electronic equipment is subjected to destruction of data, erratic equipment operation, and catastrophic damage. This electrical grounding seminar will give participants a comprehensive understanding of practical applications of proper grounding and wiring practices. Increase Your Knowledge

  • Focus on specific electrical grounding problems and consequences relating to fires, safety of personnel, and damage to equipment
  • Participate in discussion of electrical grounding problems and how to overcome or avoid them
  • Gain a firm foundation of knowledge for your next project involving electrical grounding
  • Develop your knowledge of theory and practice


This electrical grounding course is a must for electrical engineers, design engineers, electrical engineering managers, project managers, power quality specialists, maintenance managers, consultants and technologists responsible for the design, construction, installation, inspection, operation, or maintenance of electrical systems, designers, contractors, and electrical technicians, inspectors, safety personnel and other employees responsible for the operation and maintenance of electrical grounding systems in a commercial, industrial, institutional or utility setting.


  1. Introduction
  • Electrical Grounding- Definitions
  • Definitions according to NEC,CEC,NFPA,IEEE
  • Why Ground Circuits and Systems
  • Electrical Grounding Subsystems
  • Grounding Subsystems
  • Designing a Grounding System
  • Effective Grounding Definition
  • The Grounded Conductor
  1. Grounding Electrode System
  • Grounding Theory
  • Grounding Electrode System Components
  • Ground Resistance and Resistivity
  • Grounding Electrode Conductor
  • Materials-Splicing
  • Installation and Protection
  • Sizing the grounding Electrode Conductor
  1. Circuit grounding
  • Grounded Conductor
  • Direct Current Systems
  • Alternating-Current System
  • AC Systems less than 50 Volts
  • AC Systems 50 to 1,000 Volts
  • Grounding the Secondary of a Transformer
  1. Equipment Grounding
  • Grounding for Safety
  • Bonding
  • Installation
  • Sizing the Equipment grounding Conductor
  • Identification of the Equipment grounding Conductor
  • Electric Shock
  • Grounding and electric Shock
  1. Separately Derived Systems
  • Definition of a Separately Derived System
  • Transformers Grounding
  • Main Bonding Jumper
  • Portable generators
  • Vehicle Mounted Generators
  • Common Mistakes Grounding a Generator
  1. Grounding two or more Buildings
  • Grounded and Ungrounded Systems
  • Grounding the Second Building
  • Rule for two Buildings supplied by a Single Service
  • Grounding when only the “Ungrounded” and “Grounded Conductors” are extended to the Second Building
  • Grounding when the Service Conductors including the “Equipment Grounding Conductor” are extended to the Second Building
  1. Lightning Protection- Grounding
  • Lightning- Characteristics
  • Grounding for Protection against Lightning
  • Lenz Law and Transient Overvoltages
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • NFPA 780 Design Considerations
  • The “Rolling Sphere” Concept
  • The “Cone of Protection” Concept
  • Protection of Various Structures such as Tanks
  • Lightning Protection System Specifications
  1. Telecommunication Site Grounding
  • Exterior and Interior Grounding Subsystems
  • Exterior Ground Ring
  • Telecommunications Tower Protection
  • The “Single Point Grounding” Concept
  • The “Master Ground Bar”
  • The Isolated Ground Zone(Critical Equipment Grounding)
  • Avoiding Ground Loops
  • Interior Ground ring- Halo Ground
  • Low Frequency Networks Grounding
  • High frequency Networks Grounding
  1. Computer Room Grounding
  • System Reference Zero
  • Detection of a faulty Neutral-Ground System
  • Sizing Wiring to meet Computer Industry Standards
  • Grounding line Treatment Devices
  • Transient Overvoltage Protector Grounding
  • Gas Tubes
  • Metal Oxide Varistors
  • Silicon Avalanche Diodes
  1. Instrumentation and Control
  • EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)
  • Inductive, Capacitive and Radiation Coupling
  • RFI (Radio frequency Interference)
  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • Shields grounding
  • Coaxial Cables
  • Telephone Lines
  • Data lines grounding – RS232
  1. Cathodic Protection
  • Electrochemical Potential
  • Corrosion of a Metal Surface
  • Principles of Cathodic Protection
  • Basic Requirements for Cathodic Protection
  • Design Factors
  • Impressed Current Systems
  • Corrosion Control Rectifiers
  • Sacrificail Anodes
  • Protection of steel Pipelines and Tanks
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Monitoring and Maintenance


  • Discuss
  • Case Study
  • Evaluation
  • Simulation


Teguh Santoso, Ir
Teguh Santoso experienced more than 26 years in Electrical.


  • Yogyakarta
  • 21-24 May 2012
  • 17-20 September 2012
  • 4 days – 08 am – 04 pm


IDR 7.000,000.00 per participant non residential


  • Module / Handout
  • Certificate
  • Souvenir
  • Training Kit


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