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One day Seminar – Diselenggarakan oleh Kamar Dagang dan Industri (KADIN)

Graha Niaga Building 2nd Fl., Jakarta | 19 May 2009 |  Rp 1.500.000,-/ participant


The concern of climate change has urged the global leaders to engage in the global warming issue. The Kyoto Protocol is one of the milestones in effort to reduce emission reduction and support sustainable development. In effort to reduce the Green House Gas (GHG) Emission, Under Kyoto Protocol, The Annex 1 & Non Annex 1 countries could participate through 3 mechanisms; Joint Implementation (JI), International Emission Trading (IET) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This mechanism stimulates sustainable development and provides developed countries flexibility to achieve their emission reduction objectives.

Since operational in 2006, there are more than 1000 projects with anticipated CER more than 2.7 billion tones of CO2 equivalent. Even though carbon trading business is also impacted by current global economic crisis; there is still large business opportunity in the future for carbon trading. Some business practitioners involved in this business believes carbon business downturn is temporary and will recover in parallel with the global economic recovery. Since Indonesia ratification of the Kyoto Protocol came into law in 2004 Indonesia have 23 registered projects registered in CDM EB. These projects are also attracts big corporations to develop CDM Project in several sectors such as fuel switching and development of alternative energy.

Hence, CDM Projects and carbon trading is an integral part of so called green economy paradigm. Potential business opportunity also emerges from the environmental friendly products which emit less pollutant to the environment, such as lower emissions cars. An example of environment concern costumer’s preferences towards organic products which creates business opportunities in the area of biotechnology, agriculture, organic fertilizers, and so on. Following this trend, Indonesian’s corporations have to move to the same direction by taking green economics’ strategic steps.

The green economics is a methodology of economics that supports the mutual interaction between humans and nature in the attempt to fulfill the needs simultaneously. The green economic theories encompass a wide range of ideas, dealing with the interconnected relationship between people and the environment. This One-Day Seminar is an important information exchange opportunity for government officials, business leaders & executives as well as environmentalists to learn the concept and opportunity of green economics wave. This seminar will also elaborate the success story of CDM Projects and other profitable environment-based business initiatives.



  1. Executives and managers of corporations
  2. Business owners seeking new profitable business opportunity
  3. Government officials
  4. Consultants
  5. Environmentalists
  6. Observers



  1. Inform and form new business paradigm, so called Green Economics.
  2. Share government’s environment policy towards Green Economics.
  3. Provide “best practice sharing” in creating, managing, and marketing of CDM Projects and/or carbon trading.
  4. Support Indonesian corporations to develop and managing CDM Projects and/or carbon trading.
  5. Provide a meeting point for between sellers and buyers of as well as all parties involved in the CDM business and carbon trading.
  6. Update the audience with latest information and future trend of CDM Projects, carbon trading, and Green Economics.
  7. Financial scheme in developing CDM Project.



08.00 – 09.00      Registration & Coffee Break

09.00 – 09.15      Opening Speech by Mr. M.S. Hidayat,President of Kadin Indonesia

09.15 – 10.00      Keynote Speech by Mr. Rachmat Witoelar, State Minister of Environment

10.00 – 10.45      “Green Economics: Concept, Implementation, Opportunities and Challenges”. Mrs. Dra. Masnellyarti Hilman, M.Sc, Deputy Director for Nature Conservation Enhancement and Environment Degradation Control to the Environment Ministry

10.45 – 11.30      “Astra’s Strategy & Initiatives towards Green Eonomics” Mr. Michael D. Ruslim, CEO PT Astra International Tbk.

11.30 – 12.00      Q & A, Lead by Moderator

12.00 – 13.00      Lunch

13.00 – 13.45      “CDM Project Funding and Trade Scheme”. Mr. Lars Eskild Jensen, Counsulor, Royal Danish Embassy, Indonesia

13.45 – 14.30      “Latest Information and Future Trend About CDM Projects & Carbon Trading”

Mrs. Susy M. Simarangkir, GM CDM & Carbon Trading, PT Asia Carbon Indonesia

14.30 – 15.15      “Case Study: Experience in Developing CDM Projects”. Mr. Joseph Hwang, Production Director PT Gikoko Kogyo Indonesia

15.15 – 15.30      Coffee Break

15.30 – 16.15      “Financial Scheme for Green Economics Business Approach”. Mr. Tom Moyes, Int’l Finance Corporation

16.15 – 16.45      “Processing Organic Waste to be Green Products”, Mr. Rocky Rudi, Director of PT Natifa

16.45 – 17.00      Q & A, Lead by Moderator

17.00                   Closing




  • Rp 1.500.000,-/ participant
  • (including lunch, coffee break, seminar materials, and certificate)
  • 2 or more participants – 10% discount

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