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Industrial Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

Industrial Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

Aston Hotel, Bandung | June 29-July 3, 2009 | Rp. 8.250.000,-


Ultrasonic has many application in various fields such as military, industrial, medical, biological, chemical, electrical, agriculture and civil engineering. Industrial Ultrasonic has three major applications i.e. Ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing, Ultrasonic Instrumentation and Power Ultrasonic. In Ultrasonic NDT, ultrasonic wave phenomena are used to detect flaws in materials and structures. In Ultrasonic Instrumentation, ultrasonic is used to measure various mechanical and physical properties of materials. In Power Ultrasonic, the mechanical and thermal effects of ultrasonic energy are used in material process industries. In this course, these three industrial applications of ultrasonic will be presented. Although introductory, the course offers in-depth coverage of these ultrasonic industrial applications.


After completing this course, each participant will be able:

  • Understand the basic theory of ultrasonic waves and the techniques usually used to detect flaws in materials and structures such as voids, cracks, inclusions or other defects of homogeneity.
  • Measure mechanical and physical properties of materials by using ultrasonic method such as elastic module, mass density, porosity, level, temperature, flow, composition and viscosity.
  • Understand the cavitations phenomenon and how cleaning, degreasing, drying, emulsification, dispersion and coagulation are carried out in material process industries.


  • Ultrasonic Theory
    • Types of Ultrasonic Waves
    • Wave Propagation and Radiation
    • Types of Ultrasonic Transducers
    • General Ultrasonic System
  • Ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing
    • Plates, Pipes, Castings, Forgings, Welding, Laminating
  • Ultrasonic Instrumentation
    • Mechanical, Physical and Chemical Measurements
    • Process Variables Measurement
  • Power Ultrasonic (Macro Sonics)
    • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    • Ultrasonic Welding
    • Ultrasonic Drying
    • Ultrasonic Atomizer
    • Ultrasonic Data and Signal Processing
    • Calibration Curves (Linear and Multiple Regression Analysis)
    • Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
    • Ultrasonic Topography
    • Ultrasonic Spectroscopy


Managers, Engineers, Technicians and Quality Control Personnel will find this course to be especially valuable.



DR. Ir. Amoranto Trisnobudi, DEA was a graduate from Engineering Physic Dept, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). He was awarded His Diplome from d’Etude Approfondie Acoustiques, and Diplome de Docteur Ingenieur Ultrasonics of Univesite d’Aix-Marseille II, France.

Besides giving lectures at Engineering Physics of ITB, he also works as consultant for several enterprises and government institution.

The trainings that he has been giving are Measurement System, Ultra Sonic Testing, Ultra Sonic Method, Pneumatic Automatic Control System, Non Destructive Testing For Technical Inspection, Mechanical and Electric Instrument, Electronic Maintenance and Calibration, Adjustment of Electronic Instrument, and Electronic Maintenance and Troubleshooting at multi company in Indonesia.


June 29-July 3, 2009
5 days


Aston Hotel, Bandung

Tuition Fee

Rp. 8.250.000,- per participant, excluding accommodation & tax.


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