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Grand Kemang Hotel*, Jakarta | 18 – 19  July 2011 | Rp. 6.000.000,-


A 2-day Training Program

“Design the right reward package that supports business goals,

objectives and which attracts, motivates and retains the bright talent”

Create Effective Retention Strategies

Successful organizations recognize the fact that retaining the current workforce is much

more cost-effective than recruiting and training the new employees. Having the right

compensation and benefits plan helps in developing existing talent and organizations


Through this program the HR professionals understand the importance of compensation &

benefits, are able to understand the intricacies, basic reward system, the global trends in

compensation & benefits and are able to link pay with performance for better planning. By

the end of this program HR professionals will be able to source well structured and

reasonable compensation & benefits schemes that operate effectively, provide the best

value to the organization, and structure remuneration schemes that will attract and retain

the bright talent

The Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager program, of Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA, done in India in association with Middle Earth Consultants.

Compensation and benefits is an emotive area, not only for the organizations but also for the employees. Establishing and managing a reward structure is one of the critical cornerstones of the human resource department. It is extremely important to design the right reward package that supports the business goals.

This program helps the HR professionals understand the importance of compensation and benefits in such a way that they are able to understand the intricacies, basic reward system, the global trends in compensation and benefits and are able to link pay with performance for better planning. By the end of this workshop participants will be able to source well structured and reasonable compensation and benefits schemes that operate effectively, provide the best value to the organization and structure remuneration schemes that will attract


By attending this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Understand the role of government regulation and social security in compensation globally
  • Understand the 6 components of  a compensation system
  • Understand the 8 steps of how to build effective variable pay systems
  • Learn how to build a point plan and a job grading system to create internal equity
  • Understand how globalization, sociological and demographic changes  effects compensation
  • Understand how to create different levels of salary benchmarks
  • Understand how the Hay Plan is built
  • Understand mandated and cafeteria benefit systems
  • Learn how reward planning can be used to cut compensation costs
  • Learn how to build high impact compensation systems in a recession


Unique benefits to the participants:

  • Get a comprehensive, information packed courseware during the program and for back home use
  • Learn from the industry experts who have a vast experience in the area of HR
  • Network with other professionals with same background and interest
  • Brand yourself as a certified compensation & benefits manager
  • Unique “risk free” money back guarantee
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed


At This Program You Will Learn…

  • The various benefits the employee are entitled to
  • The different kinds of tax laws & their prerequisites
  • The impact the culture & collective bargaining on compensation and benefits
  • The elements of compensation and create a total compensation plans
  • To develop and administer benefit plans
  • To link pay to performance
  • To set up incentive pay plan for the organization

Course Content

Module 1: Compensation & Benefits Environment

  • The environmental factors effecting compensation & benefits
  • Government regulation & social security in compensation
  • Social changes & demographics in compensation
  • Changes in compensation due to collective bargaining
  • Changes in the compensation administration due to outsourcing & globalization

Module 2: Rewards & Basics of Compensation

  • Compensation basics
  • Components of compensation system
  • Equity theory

Module 3: Building Internal Equity

  • Job description
  • Establishing internal equity: job evaluation methods
  • Using job rankings
  • Creating job grading
  • Creating point plans
  • Hay plan overview

Module 4: Building External Equity

  • Different aspects of establishing external equity
  • Salary survey
  • Designing salary surveys
  • Periodicity of salary surveys

Module 5: Building Individual Equity

  • Performance pay options
  • Building performance pay systems
  • Steps in introducing pay for performance system
  • Pay for performance: the challenges

Module 6: Benefit Plans & Total Reward Planning

  • Benefit plans
  • Mandated benefits
  • Security/Insurance benefits
  • Retirement benefits
  • Time off related benefits
  • Non-monetary perquisites
  • Monetary perquisites
  • Cafeteria plan/flexible benefit plans

Module 7: Total Reward Planning

  • Reward strategy objectives
  • Components of total reward


You Will Benefit The Most By Attending

This Program, If You Are…

  • A HR professional involved in developing and administering the compensation & benefits plan


Training Methodology

  • Case analysis exercises
  • Case analysis simulation exercises


The Faculty for the Program is a formidable force of trainers. They are typically in the mid or early forties with at least 20 years of corporate experience at the highest levels as head of HR , CEOs of consulting companies or as functional heads.They are handpicked for their excellence in training as vouched for by international training experience all over Asia and USA . They are corporate trainers and consultants in HR for the top companies in Asia Pacific , USA and Europe. They have been visiting faculty of top global institutes like IIM -Calcutta, Cap Gemini University France, Georgetown University USA , Indian School of Business-India. They have been winning accolades from many of the top training centers globally for their excellence in training methodologies. All the faculty use experiential learning for maximal impact .

About The Course Trainer


Rajendrais an advisor, counselor and guide following areas:

  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Financial planning of projects
  • Costing systems and analysis of cost structures
  • Operational excellence
  • Human resource management –comp & ben, competency, performance management.
  • Training

Rajendrahas over 20 years of experience in the above in India, in South East Asia -Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia; Africa -Tanzania, Kenya; Europe -UK. Has widely travelledfrom US to Australia.

He is a visiting faculty in Management Accounting, Strategy, International Finance, and Production Management, and is a speaker at various forums. Rajendra has a spiritual bent of mind and is a certified Yoga teacher.

5 Special Benefits of Attending

  1. Get a comprehensive, information packed courseware during the program and for back home use
  2. Learn from the industry experts who have vast experience in all areas of Human Resources
  3. Network with other professionals form the same industry
  4. Post training support for project work and examination
  5. Your satisfaction is guaranteed

How Certification Helps You…

  • In differentiating yourself from other candidates and leading to better visibility & job opportunities
  • Certification helps in improving your understanding of the most current knowledge & industry trends
  • Certification helps in getting a better job, either within the current or with a new organization
  • Certification indicates employers, clients & associates that you are a committed professional
  • Certification shows that being updated in your career field is a high priority for you
  • It communicates that you abide by the highest ethics & principles and have demonstrated knowledge
  • and experience

The Overall Certification Process

The candidate must note that the certification process follows globally accepted standards of evaluation based on a combination of knowledge and skill evaluation. The skill evaluationis done through

  • Projects/assignments
  • Analytical exercisesThe knowledge evaluationis done through
  • Objective and subjective questions in a structured examination process



Graphic Representation of the Certification Process with Time Lines


  • Workshop -2 days
  • Project completion-30-45 days
  • Project hard copy Submission on Exam Date
  • Written Examination as per the calendar (30-90 days from workshop)
  • Certification & Evaluation process –7 weeks after Exam


Key points to note during the assessment process

The Assessment along with the original papers will be sent for External Evaluation. The External Evaluator is not a member of MEC but directly appointedby CAMI.The complete Verification and the consolidated report will be sent to CAMI. They will assign a Unique Accession Number to each Candidate. This will bein your certificate. The entire evaluation process normally takes 2 months; during certain seasons it might take 3 months. The Certificates will be Prepared based on the final consolidated assessment. By the end of two-three months the Certificate along with the Transcript will be handed over to the participant.

About Middle Earth Consultants India

Middle Earth Consultants Pvt Ltd is India’s leading training and development company that is truly international. Headquartered in Hyderabad, it has its presence in 9 countries and 15 cities globally. Middle earth has trained more than 30,000 professionals from all levels across the globe and partners with more than 400 companies in their human capital training and development. The training programs are offered in the areas of Human Resources, Managerial & Leadership, Sales & Customer Care, Basic Skills & Traits and also Outbound. Today Middle Earth is one of Asia’s most respected training company having operations in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Middle Earth’s phenomenal success comes from implementation of a scientific and internationally proven process of world class training inputs that have contributed to:

  • Ensuring long-term retention of the concepts among the participants
  • Building innovative critical skills
  • Improving their actual behavioral traits

About Carlton Advanced Management Institute USA


Carlton advanced management institute ( CAMI ) is a global affiliating partner and an acknowledged center for global HR excellence. Started with the aim of providing best of breed HR training using the knowledge base of some of US and Asia’s top HR people , and the execution capability of Middle Earth Consultants –Asia’s number one training institution in HR, CAMI has been become one of the worlds large training companies inthe area of core HR. The globally designed programs have createdwaves with over 2000 certification candidates applying for various micro certifications globally every year Our programs are now conducted in over 30 locations world wide, in hands-on experiential training sessions. Carlton started as an online university in 1998 and has been conducting programs for working professionals across the world since then. Working with affiliates across the globe, it has trained severalthousand professionals and enhanced their productivity at the work place. Carlton offers a range of high end programs These programs are conducted by the following schools of excellence•Center for Excellence in HR

  • Center for Excellence in HR
  • Center for Excellence in Leadership
  • Center for excellence in Sales And Customer Care


Program Details

2 day non-residential timings: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm


*) Harris Hotel, Paragon Hotel, Ibis TamarinHotel, GrandKemang Hotel (to be confirm)


The Certification Program Fee is Rp. 6.000.000 / Participant

This investment include:

  • Coffee Break  and lunch
  • Courseware
  • Exam
  • Certification Process

Note: Payment must clear 1 week before the program

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