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Hotel Grand Kemang*, Jakarta | 26 – 27 May  2011 | Rp. 6.000.000,-


Our Partner is a fast growing provider for high quality training programs in Indonesia, in cooperation with Middle Earth Consultant India, a leading Corporate Training Company trusted by more than 350 Top Companies, Over 100 man years of experience, trained over 20,000 individuals at all levels in India, Dubai, Muscat, Colombo, Malaysia, Nigeria, U.S.A, and Indonesia. We provide training on various concepts like HR, Managerial & Leader Skills, Soft skills, Sales & Customer Care and Behavioral Skills. The training is conducted has Public and In-House Workshop. We also provide reputed Certifications, excellent pre and post training support using best of breed training practices. The Certification is International recognized by Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA.


There is a significant relationship between the effective training and guidance provided by the line managers, supervisors and trainers and the levels of employee satisfaction, commitment and motivation. Training is one of the processes by which the objective of an organization is achieved. Training is commonly used and has a wide variety of connotations depending on one’s experience and background. The learning manager of the organization needs to know how to identify the need of the training, the process of training that will be most efficient to meet the requirement.

This workshop helps you identify a wide range of training needs based on the paradigm of learner and creates a climate that supports effective learning. It will make you understand the values and the impacts of learning and development activities in your organization. You will become more competent in people management activities and be able to support newcomers through induction, providing formal and informal training to them.

By attending this workshop you’ll learn:

  1. Learn Competency Iceberg Model
  2. To develop competency maps and use them in training in your organization
  3. Understand how BARS can be used for valid competency assessment
  4. Conduct competency based TNA
  5. Learn Gilbert’s model for individual diagnosis for performance consulting
  6. Learn 8 key aspects of good design
  7. Learn how to calculate human capital readiness indices –globally used to   measure strategic impact of L&D
  8. Learn Bloom’s taxonomy of learning
  9. LearnHow to calculate cost in ROI
  10. Learnhow to creating L&D metric and get management buy in to training

Who should attend?

HR professionals, managers line supervisors and trainers


2 days (16 Guided hours)


The training program contains five modules, with various topics covered under each head. This is an experientially based workshop, using the dynamics and culture of the group being trained to develop each participant’s awareness. A variety of models are introduced and each individual will have an opportunity to observe and manage specific situations with the following modules:


Module 1: Competency Basics and Competency Mapping

  • What is competency
  • Competency iceberg model
  • Why competencies
  • Classification of competencies
  • Competency measurement
  • Creating a competency maps
  • Quan competence framework


Module 2: Competency Assessment

  • Competency assessment basics
  • Gilbert’s model for individual diagnosis
  • Training needs analysis
  • What are assessment centers
  • Types of assessment center techniques
  • Steps in creating an assessment center

Module 3: Training Design

  • Training design steps
  • Setting learning goals
  • What are objectives
  • Bloom’s taxonomy of learning
  • Specifying objectives
  • Assess modes
  • 8 Key aspects of a good design
  • David Kolb’s learning styles model

Module 4: Training Evaluation and ROI

  • Training evaluation and follow-up
  • Four levels of Kirkpatrick training evaluation process
  • Reaction level
  • Tests construction
  • Action planning-level 3 assessment
  • Producing the action plan
  • Assessing the ROI of training
  • Cost in calculating ROI
  • Sample measures


Module 5: Management Buy In

Perceptual ladder Buy in model


Incorporated with MEC India & Certified by  Carlton Advance Management Institute USA


Mrs. Nandita Asthana

She has over 2 decades of experience in Operations, Training & Consulting. For the last decade she has been a founder director of Middle Earth Consultants Private Limited, one of Asia’s Top Training companies operating in India, Dubai, Muscat, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. She has been providing training and consulting services to top companies which include corporates like Satyam, TCS, Dr. Reddy’s, Nokia, Deloitte, Market Tools, GE, Infosys, Accenture, etcShe has trained over 5000 managers and executives and coached and mentored over 500 top trainers, learning and development managers for organizations like Royal Sundaram, Wipro, GE, IBM. She has been certified as a HR trainer by both City and Guilds and Carlton Advanced Management Institute. She has been one of the highest rated trainers consistently for both these institutions and has been the lead assessor and the TTT initiative lead trainer with them. She has been the lead consultant for projects for Competency Mapping, Competency Assessment, design of learning and development processes and Training Design and learning evaluation in organizations like AIR, Satyam, First Indian Corporation, Bayer, Market tools, Knoah, Infotech, CSC etc…Several of her articles have been published in leading business newspapers like Economic Times, Brand Equity & Corporate Dossier and she has been an invited speaker to some of the Pan Asia conferences and seminars in the area of learning and development, customer care etc. She has been a visiting faculty at Indian School of Business, ICFAI Business School and IPE. She has helped develop management faculty for ICFAI as an adjunct professor with ICFAI Institute for Management Teachers. Her principal interest lies in competency development, consulting,


Dates of the program:

26 – 27 May  2011


Hotel Grand Kemang, Jakarta Selatan (Will be confirm later)


The Certification Program Fee is Rp. 6.000.000 / Participant

This investment include:Coffee Break  and lunch

  • Courseware
  • Exam
  • Certification Process

Note: Payment must clear 1 week before the program

Early Birds Rp. 4.800.000,-
Payment settlement 2 month before the program run
Payment Schedule: May Program before 24 March 2011

Early Birds Rp. 5.400.000,-
Payment settlement 1 month before the program run
Payment Schedule: May Program before 24 April 2011


Duration of the Program:

2 days (16 Guided hours)

5 Special Benefits of Attending

  1. Get a comprehensive, information packed courseware during the program and for back home use
  2. Learn from the industry experts who have vast experience in all areas of Human Resources
  3. Network with other professionals form the same industry
  4. Post training support for project work and examination
  5. Your satisfaction is guaranteed


How Certification Helps You…

  • In differentiating yourself from other candidates and leading to better visibility & job opportunities
  • Certification helps in improving your understanding of the most current knowledge & industry trends
  • Certification helps in getting a better job, either within the current or with a new organization
  • Certification indicates employers, clients & associates that you are a committed professional
  • Certification shows that being updated in your career field is a high priority for you
  • It communicates that you abide by the highest ethics & principles and have demonstrated knowledge
  • and experience


The Overall Certification Process

The candidate must note that the certification process follows globally accepted standards of evaluation based on a combination of knowledge and skill evaluation. The skill evaluation is done through

  • Projects/assignments
  • Analytical exercisesThe knowledge evaluationis done through
  • Objective and subjective questions in a structured examination process


Graphic Representation of the Certification Process with Time Lines


  • Workshop -2 days
  • Project completion-30-45 days
  • Project hard copy Submission on Exam Date
  • Written Examination as per the calendar (30-90 days from workshop)
  • Certification & Evaluation process –7 weeks after Exam

Key points to note during the assessment process

The Assessment along with the original papers will be sent for External Evaluation. The External Evaluator is not a member of MEC but directly appointedby CAMI.The complete Verification and the consolidated report will be sent to CAMI. They will assign a Unique Accession Number to each Candidate. This will bein your certificate. The entire evaluation process normally takes 2 months; during certain seasons it might take 3 months. The Certificates will be Prepared based on the final consolidated assessment. By the end of two-three months the Certificate along with the Transcript will be handed over to the participant.

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