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Inventory, Purchasing and Warehouse Management




Inventory, Purchasing and Warehouse Management

Hotel Redtop Jakarta  | Kamis-Jumat,  11 dan 12  Februari 2010 | 09.00 – 16.30 Wib | Rp 3.850.000,-


If you managed inventory, purchasing and warehouse only-based on intuition, it is time to improve it by learning more sophisticated and model-based inventory, purchasing and warehouse management. This course will flavor you with modern, well-thought, and able-to-implement inventory, purchasing and warehouse management techniques for managing the flow of your products. An important notion that we bring here is: you should manage your inventory, purchasing and warehouse with supply chain perspectives – you can not ignore the importance of coordination and information sharing in the modern inventory and warehouse management.

Who should attend ?

Those who work for planning, controlling, and keeping flow and storage of products, including such areas as PPIC, purchasing, warehousing for both manufacturing and service industries (supermarket, distribution centers, etc).


By the end of the course, the participants are expected to :

  1. Understand the role of inventory and warehouse in supply chains
  2. Understand the financial aspects of inventories
  3. Understand the tradeoff between inventory and service level
  4. Able to make inventory classification based on a number of attributes
  5. Able to develop performance measures for inventory and warehouse management
  6. Able to set up inventory parameters (safety stock, ROP, Min-Max, etc.)
  7. Able to analyze product storage and movements in warehouse
  8. Able to classify items based on four quadrant and determine appropriate sourcing strategy
  9. Understand how spend analysis works
  10. Able to design a vendor rating system

Two Days Course Contents  ( 09.00 – 16.30 Wib )

Inventory Basics

  • Cost and service level tradeoff
  • Understanding types of inventory and the associated remedies
  • Symptoms of inventory problems
  • Inventory and supply chain context
  • Inventory visibility

Inventory Analytics

  • ABC analysis
  • Looking to past history or future plans?
  • Making reorder point work
  • Understanding uncertainty
  • Calculating safety stock
  • The merit of reducing lead time and its uncertainty
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • JIT model

Warehouse Management

  • The role of warehouse in supply chain
  • Warehousing processes :
    • Receiving
    • Put away
    • Storage
    • Picking
    • Shipment
  • Cross docking
  • Cycle counting
  • Storage systems
  • Storage layout to streamline flow
  • Order picking and principles
  • Consolidation issues
  • Visual control


  • The role of purchasing in supply chain
  • Moving from traditional purchasing to strategic supply
  • Sourcing strategy (Four quadrant of supply classification)
  • Spend analysis
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Supplier performance rating
  • Managing relationships with suppliers

Case studies

Trainer :

Prof. Ir. I Nyoman Pujawan, M.Eng, Ph.D

Nyoman Pujawan adalah Professor bidang Supply Chain Engineering di Jurusan Teknik Industri ITS. Ia lulus S1 dari Teknik Industri ITS, S2 dari Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, dan S3 dari Lancaster University, Inggris.  Tangal 1 Desember 2007 Dr. Pujawan ditetapkan oleh Mendiknas sebagai Guru Besar pada bidang Supply Chain Engineering, merupakan professor termuda di ITS pada saat itu dan barangkali yang pertama pada bidang Supply Chain Engineering di Indonesia. Sejak tahun 1999 ia aktif mengadakan berbagai workshop untuk praktisi dan eksekutif perusahaan, menjadi pembicara seminar atau kuliah tamu dan kegiatan pengembangan professional lainnya pada bidang-bidang supply chain management, Manajemen Produksi /Operasi, dan Manajemen Persediaan dan Pengadaan.

Biaya :

  • Rp 3.850.000,- / Peserta
  • Fasilitas : Makalah, Sertifikat, Makan Siang, Coffee Break

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