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Land Conflict Management

Land Conflict Management : A Practical Guide to Dealing with Land Disputes in Oil & Gas Industry

Bogor | April 12-13, 2012  | Rp. 6.900.000,-/participant

Land conflicts often have extensive negative effects on economic, social, spatial and ecological development. This is especially true in developing countries and countries in transition, where land market institutions are weak, opportunities for economic gain by illegal action are widespread and many poor people lack access to land. Land conflicts can have disastrous effects on individuals as well as on groups and even entire nations. Many conflicts that are perceived to be clashes between different cultures are actually conflicts over land and related natural resources.
This training has been intended for all those working in the land sector, in natural resource management and in oil and gas industry context. It aims to broaden the understanding of the complexity of causes that lead to land conflicts in order to provide for better-targeted ways of addressing such conflicts. It also provides a number of tools with which to analyse land conflicts. Successful analysis of land conflicts is seen as a vital step towards their eventual settlement. Finally, this training discusses a wide variety of options for settling ongoing land conflicts and for preventing new ones.


  1. Basic introduction and awareness
  2. Understanding Land Conflict & Land Conflict Management
  3. Reviewing & Analysing the Context of Conflict
  4. Dealing with and Proposing Alternative Solution in Land Conflict
  5. Preventing & Minimizing Land Conflict
  6. Transforming and Building Partnership Program in Resolving Land Conflict


Irfan Riza, SE, MSc, MA (CM) – Transformasi Indonesia
Kolonel Sigit Triyono, MSc – Kementrian Pertahanan RI

Team Leader:

Irfan Riza, SE, Msi, MA.

  • Philosophy of Doctor in Human Resources Management (Candidate)
  • Postgraduate Program, State University of Jakarta (2010-2013)
  •  Master of Arts in Conflict Transformation & Sustainable Development
  • SIT Graduate Institute, Brattleboro, VT, USA (2007-2010)
  • Awards: International Fellowship Program (IFP) Ford Foundation
  • Master of Science in Management Studies
  • Major in Human Resources Management & Organization Graduate Program-Economics Faculty, Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta (2001-2003)
  • Bachelor of Management Studies
  • Economics Faculty, Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta (1991-1996)
  •  Lecturer/Instructor in Performance Management and Strategic HRM at STIE Mitra Jogyakarta, Indonesia, Graduate (MM) Program (2004-2007)
  • Lecturer/Instructor in Conflic Management & Negotiation and Business Analysis at Universitas Patria Artha Makassar Indonesia, Graduate (MM) Program (2010-Now)
  • Senior Advisor in Program Development & Local Government Affairs, Member of National Legislatives of Democratic Party from DAPIL 7 Jawa Timur (Ngawi, Magetan, Ponorogo, Pacitan, Trenggalek) (2010-2011)
  •  Leadership Program in Non-Profit & NGOs  at Levinson Institute of SUNY New York, 2009
  • Campaign Management & Political Leadership Program at Levinson Institute of SUNY New York, 2009
  • Senior Trainer/Consultant in Human Capital, Organizational Development & Change, ISO 26000 on Social Responsibility, CSR & Community Development Program at Transformasi Indonesia & Indonesia Channel, (2011-Now)
  •   Certified Mediator from School of International Training, Vermont, USA on Public Conflict Management & Peacebuilding Program
  • Associate Senior Trainer  pada SAI Global Indonesia, Pinasthika Institute, Pusdiklat BPK Pusat Jakarta, Pusdiklat Migas Pusat Cepu, LKPP Otonomi Daerah, Edutama Training, Gama Spectra Mandiri, BXCellent Cons, RR Cons, Conversindo Cons, etc.



  • Language        : Bahasa Indonesia
  • Text & Handouts    : English & Bahasa Indonesia
  • Date            : April 12-13, 2012
  • Duration        : 2 days

Facilities :
Two-day registration fee for all Training sessions; Quality Training Material (Hardcopy and Softcopy); Quality Training Kits (Casio Calculator, T-Shirt, etc); Convenient Training Facilities at Four Star Hotel; Refreshment and luncheons, Certificate of Completion, Dinner with entertainment at the cozy restaurant


  •   Integrated Quality Training Material (HARDCOPY AND SOFTCOPY) & Quality Training Kits will be delivered on registration, additional papers & handouts assignment by
  • Note-taking by participants is encouraged. However, to ensure free and open discussions, no formal records will be kept.

All attendees will receive a Certificate of Appreciation attesting to their participation in the Training. This certificate will be providing in exchange for a completed Training Questionnaire.

Casual Clothing is recommended. The Training atmosphere is informal

(Exclude accommodation)

  •  Rp. 6.900.000,-/participant
  • Rp. 6.500.000,-/participant if register 5 or more participants from 1 Company

Registration Deadline: March 22, 2012


  •  Registration Form MUST be return in advance for attending the Training
  •  Full fixed fee is charged regardless of the length of time that registrant attends the Training
  •   Attendees are expected to attend all Training sessions and are not permitted to attend on a partial basis.


  •  Cancellation received after the registration deadline, March 22, 2012 entitles the registrant to pay 25% from total payment
  • Cancellation on the date will be recharged 100% from the fee
  •  No refund will be issued, if a registrant fails to show up at the Training on-site.


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