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Land Transport Management and Organization

Land Transport Management and Organization

Jayakarta Hotel, Bandung | August 24-27, 2009 | Rp. 5.600.000,-


Course Overview

With the increasing burden of legislation and increasing costs of fuel and fleet management, many businesses are struggling. It is vital to have efficient control of your company fleet management. This training program focuses on providing delegates with an insight of the major contemporary managerial and economic issues affecting the logistics and overland transportation.


Its aim is to broaden participants’ knowledge and understanding of how a logistics and overland transportation should be managed. The program includes consideration of cost control, route evaluation and revenue management. The economics of low cost scheduling and to ensure that all vehicle movements are managed through vehicle selection, provision of vehicles and transport services, equipment outfit and vehicle allocation, and with equal care and attention to the selection and training of drivers.

Upon completion participants expected to learn how to

  • Promote land transport sustainability in the company
  • Promote safe transport on land
  • Provide safety information and advice
  • Investigate and review accidents and incidents involving transport on land in its capacity as the responsible safety authority
  • Determine whether particular activities should be included in a land transport program benchmark; and activities relating to the police
  • Assisting safety and personal security; and improving access and mobility

Who should be attending?

Anyone who responsible for land transport policy, planning and management.

The Topics to be covered are:

  • Management and Organizational Framework
  • Human Behavior at Workplace
  • Overland Transportation Overview
  • Land Transport Policy and Planning
  • Concept of Land Transport
  • Transport or Travel Demand Management
  • Land Transport Planning and Strategy
    • Processes
    • Scheduling
    • Systems Applied
  • Operation Management
    • Selection and Maintenance
  • Transport Management System Overview
  • Outsourcing Overview
    • Planning
    • Budgeting
    • Services
      • Transportation Procurement — Enhances carrier selection and reduces costs through constraint-based bid optimization, analysis, and awarding. Optimal bids and carriers are selected based on combinations of lane bundles, price, and service
  • Transport Cost – Concept
  • Route Planning — Determine the best routes through sophisticated optimization, analysis, and scheduling tools to improve routing, driver, and asset utilization.
  • Land Transport Optimaztion
  • Land Transport Management
      • Transportation Management — improve shipment lifecycle planning, execution, and settlement with web-hosted planning and optimization, execution, resolution, reporting, and analysis
  • Safety and Personal Security
  • Case Study/Group Discussion


Ir. Darwin, M.Sc

Ir. Darwin, M.Sc has nearly 20 years of experience in transportation management. He is a lecturer in various universities in West Java specializing in transportation arena.

He has provided consultations to various companies both in Indonesia and overseas. A partial list of subjects and clients are: Transportation Planning Laboratory – Tokyo Institute of Technology (Consumer Preference Study at Narita Airport for the Development and Improvement); PT. Angkasa Pura (Standardization of Airport Performance); Tranportation Department (Lebaran Transportation Management); PT. Tanjung Enim (Electrical Train Operation Improvement); LAPI-ITB & bcom (Manual Preparation on City Transportation Planning); and LP-ITB (Land Transportation Tariff Study).

He is active in several professional organization such as: Forum Kebijakan Industri, Indonesian’s Society on Electronic, Communication, and Information (IECI), Akademisi Manajemen Indonesia, and Ikatan Sarjana Teknik dan Manajemen Industri (ISTMI).

Dr. Darwin holds an Insinyur and Master degrees from Bandung Institute of Technology and received his doctoral degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.


August 24-27, 2009
4 days

Jayakarta Hotel, Bandung

Tuition Fee

Rp. 5.600.000,- per participant, excluding accommodation & tax


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