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LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: Concept, strategy and implementation

LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: Concept, strategy and implementation

Jogjakarta | 26 – 29 Juni 2012IDR 8.250.000,-/ Person

Dinamika lingkungan industri serta persaingan yang semakin ketat telah mengubah sistem manajemen logistik yang selama ini dikenal. Supply chain management didefinisikan sebagai rangkaian aktivitas sejak dilakukan pembelian material, proses transformasi material menjadi bahan setengah jadi dan produk jadi serta mendistribusikannya melalui sistem distribusi yang ada. Jadi, supply chain mengatur aktivitas sejak di supply cycle, response cycle sampai ke delivery cycle.

Perkembangan teknologi informasi telah banyak menyumbang tumbuhnya sistem supply chain management. Saat ini semua fungsi manajemen logistik telah dapat dilakukan dengan menggunakan fasilitas internet dan intranet. Penggunaan Web  dalam supply chain telah menjadi trend di perusahaan industri manufaktur dan industri jasa terkemuka akhir akhir ini.

Workshop tiga hari ini dimaksudkan untuk memberikan pengertian mendalam tentang supply chain management dan dukungan teknologi informasi dalam operasinya. Workshop diberikan dengan case method disertai dengan peragaan penggunaan web untuk aktivitas supply chain management.

Pemandu workshop terdiri dari praktisi dan akademisi yang berpengalaman melakukan disain sistem web-based supply chain management di beberapa perusahaan terkemuka di Indonesia.


1.      Redefinisi, evolusi dan peran logistik dalam dunia usaha.

  • Paradigma baru manajemen logistik.
  • Manajemen logistik sebagai sebuah sistem.
  • Redefinisi sistem manajemen logistik.
  • Evolusi sistem  manajemen logistik dan supply chain management.
  • Pengaruh perkembangan teknologi informasi terhadap sistem manajemen logistik

2.      Mengukur performansi sistem manajemen logistik.

  • Ukuran performansi sistem manajemen logistik.
  • Produktivitas sistem manajemen logistik.
  • Kualitas sistem manajemen logistik.

3.      Perencanaan dan manajemen persediaan.

  • Dasar manajemen persediaan.
  • Mengukur performansi sistem persediaan.
  • Prakiraan kebutuhan barang.
  • Order quantity engineering.
  • Inventory control policy and replenishment design.
  • Disain sistem dan manajemen persediaan.

4.         Supply management.

  • Perkembangan terakhir konsep supply management.
  • Mengukur performansi supply management.
  • Vendor Selection Technique.
  • Negotiation Techcnique
  • Supplier integration and relationship management.
  • Teknologi informasi dan aplikasi sistem internet dalam supply management.

5.         Manajemen transportasi dan distribusi

  • Model sistem transportasi dan distribusi.
  • Rincian aktivitas sistem transportasi.
  • Mengukur produktivitas sistem transportasi.
  • Logistics network design.
  • Shipment planning and management.
  • Fleet, container and yard management.
  • Freight and document management.

6.      Manajemen Pergudangan

  • Fungsi fungsi dalam manajemen pergudangan.
  • Profil aktivitas manajemen pergudangan.
  • Mengukur performansi manajemen pergudangan.
  • Prinsip prinsip penerimaan barang.
  • Operasi penyimpanan barang.
  • Order picking operations.
  • Shipping principles.

7.      Disain organisasi logistik.

  • Manajemen organisasi supply chain.
  • Logistics strategic planning and project management.
  • Logistics process and activity management.

8.      Logistics and supply chain information system.

  • Arsitektur sistem informasi manajemen logistik dan supply chain.
  • Logistics data warehousing and decision support system.
  • Manajemen logistik berbasis Web
  • Paperless and wireless logistics system.

9.      Studi kasus.

  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Supply Chain at Alenia Aircraft.
  • Jaguar-Nippondenso Relation.
  • Pengembangan Web-based Logistics Planning System and e-Procurement di sebuah BUMN terkemuka.
  • Vendor Selection di sebuah perusahaan terkemuka di dunia.

10.  Inventory Control Techniques

  • Klasifikasi persediaan.
  • Biaya persediaan.
  • Sistem pengendalian persediaan.
  • Economic order quantity; Reorder point dan Safety Stock untuk Independent – material
  • Fixed order period inventory system
  • Latihan  perhitungan optimasi persediaan .

11.  Inventarisasi dan auditing persediaan

  • Manfaat inventarisasi persediaan.
  • Teknik inventarisasi persediaan.
  • Inventarisasi total dan inventarisasi sebagian.
  • Laporan Hasil inventarisasi.

12.  Sistem Informasi dan Komputerisasi Sistem Manajemen Pergudangan

  • Perbedaan data dan informasi pergudangan.
  • Apa yang dimaksud dengan sistem informasi manajemen.
  • Pembentukan Master File Kodifikasi Barang.
  • Pembentukan Master File Persediaan di Gudang.
  • Penentuan Kode Lokasi Barang.
  • Teknik Pencatatan Transaksi Barang

WHo should attend?

Logistics /supply chain Manager, Purchasing manager, Warehousing manager, Distribution Manager, Logistics Planner, Production manager, Production Planner, Marketing Manager dan semua posisi yang erat kaitannya dengan manajemen logistik serta siapa saja yang ingin mengetahui perkembangan terakhir Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Course Leader:

Ir. Asep Saefulbachri, MBA, MM

An engineer graduated from Industrial Technique, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and continued his study in Master in Business Administration. He also widened his knowledge through several trainings abroad. His got his experience in material management, warehousing and transportation management, and management of information system during 15 years working in Direktorat Logistik in Head Office of PT. Telkom. He also is being a lecturer in post-graduate program, majoring logistics management in Pasundan University , Bandung and also in several well-known universities in Bandung , STT Telkom majoring Industrial Technique. He also becomes a lecturer in the Magister management program in Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Bandung (STMB Telkom).

He got the experience to deliver In-company Trainings and/or seminars in a few management institutions in Bandung , Jakarta , Syrabaya and Kuala Lumpur , specializing in logistics management and supply chain. Up until now, he also still active as a logistics trainer in some companies, such as Pertamina, Petrochina, PT. badak, PT. Inco Soroako, Telkom, Telkomsel, etc.


General Information

Certificate of Appreciation

All attendees will receive a certificate of appreciation attesting to their participant in the training. This certificate will be providing in exchange for a completed training questionnaire.


  • Quality training material kits will be on registration, additional papers, & handouts assignment by Our Partner.
  • Note-taking by participants is encourage. However, to ensure free and open discussions, no formal records will be kept.

Dress Code

Casual clothing is recommended. The training atmosphere is informal.


  • Quality training material (hardcopy and softcopy)
  • Quality training kits included calculator, T-shirt or jacket, cap, ect.
  • Interactive presentation with discussion
  • Convenient training facilities with five star quality
  • Lunch per day
  • Morning and afternoon coffee / tea breaks for along the training
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Local drop and pick up for arrival and departure between airport to hotel.
  • Half day city tour at the end of training session following by dinner with entertainment  (optional)
  • Exclusive flash disk.



Course title:

LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: Concept, strategy and implementation


June 26-29, 2012

Venue :



Ir. Asep Syaifulbachri, MM. MBA.

Tuition Fee & Registration  Deadline

  • IDR 8.250.000,-/ Person
  • Registration deadline a weeks before training held

Minimum Participant

This training will be conducted if we receive registration letter from 3 (three) participants (Minimum)

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