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Managing Change in Project Management

Managing Change in Project Management

Jakarta | 27 – 28 November 2012 | Rp.3.500.000,-  Per Participant 

Charles Darwin once said ”It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”.  The quote rings the truth even more nowadays with the constant changes in the world especially in business.  We witness many companies, project, people, go down the drain, out of business due to resistance to change, slow adaptation, or inability to anticipate its presence.

Ask any project manager/officer/leader about changes in project, they will definitely agree that project is identical with change, as every step of project progress involving change process.  Therefore adapting to, anticipating and managing the change has become a necessity to survive and come out successfully as a winner.

This training, Managing Change in Project Management will take you to specific journey to see change management based on project perspectives, and with full pack of real case studies local and international.

You will learn to:

  • Understand the foundation of change management
  • What cause change and how to adapt, anticipate and manage changes in your project
  • Use the key success factors in managing change in your project and for your team

Course Contents:

Re-learn Process: Change Management foundation

  • Theory
  • Building blocks
  • Change management Models

Change assessment in Project

  • Understanding Change factors
  • Why people resistance to change
  • Process model of changes in projects and in the team
  • Using Change Management Tools (what works what does not work)
  • Buy-In into changes

Key success factors in Change Management in project

  • Change Management Strategy
  • Examining The human factors in managing change
  • Implementing & Communicating the changes
  • Discovering Your strategy in managing change successfully



Learning facilitator of this program is a qualified and certified practitioner/trainer who has actual project management experiences in both national and multi national corporations’ projects.


Rp.3.500.000,-  Per Participant (Excluding PPN)


Course Duration: 

2 full days, or 16 hours include 1.5 hours for lunch breaks and two short breaks during the course of learning.

Methods of delivery: 

Presentation, group & leading discussion, analysis, reflection, mini study case, simulations, video clip cases, games and quiz.

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