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Mechanical Equipment Component Failure Analysis

Mechanical Equipment Component Failure Analysis

Grand Seriti Hotel, Bandung | 28 Juni – 2 Juli 2010 | Rp. 7.250.000,-


Introducing the role of failure analysis methodology to explore the root cause of component failure. To prevent similar failure in the future by analyzing the root cause of the failure. The types of analyzes will also be part of the course, as well as the analysis procedure and good reporting system tutorial. To complete the course and to make it more comprehensive, case studies picked up from actual field operations will also be discussed and become good “lesson-learned” for all selected participants.


  • Introduction to Failure Analysis
  • Failure Analysis Procedures
    • Objectives of failure analysis
    • Stages of analysis
  • Modes of Failure
    • Ductile
    • Brittle
    • Fatigue Wear
    • Creep and Stress Rupture
    • Corrosion
  • Stress Analysis
    • Static Loading
    • Fatigue Loading
    • Impact Loading
    • Application of Fracture Mechanics
  • Fractography
    • Visual Analysis
    • Stereo Microscopy
  • Microscopic Analysis
    • Optical Microscopy
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy
    • X-ray Diffraction
    • Chemical Analysis
  • Sample Selection and Preparation
    • Sampling and preparation for Fractography Analysis
    • Sampling and preparation for Microstructure Analysis
    • Sampling and preparation for Chemical Analysis
    • Sampling and preparation or Mechanical Testing
  • Analyzing the Evidence and Formulating for Conclusions
  • Report Writing
  • Case Studies

Case studies were drawn from the real cases that have been solved by Metallurgical Engineering Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department of ITB team.

Some of them are:

  • Failure Analysis of Bolt
  • Failure Analysis of Pressure Vessel
  • Failure Analysis of Wheel Bearing
  • Failure Analysis of Superheater Tube
  • Failure Analysis of Reformer Tube
  • Failure Analysis of Stator Blade
  • Failure Analysis of Thermowell
  • Failure Analysis of Sucker Rod
  • Failure Analysis of Pipeline
  • Failure Analysis of Centrifugal Compressor Pin
  • Failure Analysis of Cylinder Liner


DR. Ir. Husaini Ardy

DR. Ir. Husaini Ardy is a lecturer at Mechanical Engineering ITB. He received his bachelor degree in 1984 and Master degree in 1987 degree from Mechanical Engineering of ITB. He continued to study in the field of Material Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA, in 1994 he completed his Ph.D. degree. He has been involving in material selections and mechanical component failure analysis for the industries in Indonesia.

DR. Husaini regularly conduct seminars for the industries for both public and in-house in Indonesia. In a team, he has successfully handled the following projects:

  • Failure analysis some engineering components at oil and gas companies (TOTALFINA-ELF, BP-ARCO, VICO, CPI, CONOCO, KONDUR, ARUN NGL, EXXONMOBIL); fertilizer companies (PUSRI, KUJANG, PKT); petrochemical companies (PETROGRES); automotive and transportation companies (PTKAI, FEDERAL, GARUDA Airline, Merpati Nusantara Airline).
  • Material selections for line pipe, flow lines, and down hole tubing in some oil and gas companies.
  • Materials verification, testing and assessment in Mobil Oil and ARCO.
  • Materials failure analysis and assessment for CONOCO.
  • Corrosion mitigation for gas industries.


28 Juni – 2 Juli 2010
4 days

Grand Seriti Hotel, Bandung

Tuition Fee
Rp. 7.250.000,-    per participant, excluding accommodation & tax.

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