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MV Electric Switchgear, Power Circuits Breaker

MV Electric Switchgear, Power Circuits Breaker

Novotel Hotel, Bandung | July 5-8, 2010 | Rp.7.250.000,-


The purpose of this course is to develop a thorough understanding of MV Electric Switchgear, Power Circuit Breaker as well as the overall capabilities of MV Electric Switchgear for Electrical Engineer. Class room discussion and problem-solving has been designed to provide the analytical techniques necessary to solve a wide variety of practical problem Electric Switchgear, In course the participant will:

  • Learn and get better understanding the overview of the Electrical Power Systems
  • Learn and get better understanding the electric and mechanic system in MV switchgear
  • Learn and better understanding the types of electric MV switchgear and its arc and fire extinguisher
  • Be able to calculate of the electric arc and spark in fault condition of electrical power system
  • Learn and better understanding of the switchgear installation at electric power systems
  • Learn and better understanding of the switchgear testing and maintenance


  • Overview of the philosophy of electrical power system in fault condition: characteristics of power systems during in fault condition, sub transient, transient and steady state fault current depend on the type leading and lagging of load
  • The characteristics of arc and spark in switchgear caused by over current and ground fault of power systems
  • Type of electric and mechanics force in switchgear and its characteristics
  • Basic calculation of current fault in electrical power systems, phase to ground fault, phase to phase fault for estimating the dissipation energy and to choice the type of arc and spark extinguisher
  • Type of arc and spark extinguisher: air break, air blast, oil , vacuum , SF 6
  • Installation and connection of switchgear on the electrical power systems
  • Testing and maintenance of the switchgear


The following selected participants should attend this course:

  • Electric Engineer/ Supervisor/ Technician
  • Plant Maintenance Engineer/ Supervisor/ Superintendent
  • Operation Engineer/ Supervisor/ Superintendent
  • Engineer from switchgear manufacture
  • Staffs who are in charge of ordering, replacement and
  • Refurbishing of electrical equipment
  • Everybody or professional who wants to broaden knowledge or gain Benefit from this course

Ir. Qamaruzzaman, MT and Team

Ir. Qamaruzzaman, MT graduated from Electrical Engineering, Bandung Institute Technology. He studied at Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, Federal Republic of Germany in 1979 to add has knowledge. He has been lectures and researcher at Department of Electrical Eng ITB since 1973. He has experience in PT. Sucofindo as senior Engineer for Perum Pelabuhan II Project, as senior Engineer, Feasibility study at PT. Spektra, etc. He is actives in IEEE Society Power Electronic, Industrial Engineer, ndustrial Application sine 1986.

July 5-8, 2010
4 days

Novotel Hotel, Bandung

Tuition Fee
Rp.7.250.000,- per participant, excluding accommodation & tax.


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