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Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineering

Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineering

Hotel Phoenix, Yogyakarta | 7 s.d 10 Mei 2012 | Rp.7.500.000,-/participant (non residential)


This four-day course is designed to provide non-engineering petroleum industry technical professionals with a thorough overview of most key aspects of petroleum engineering technology and its applications. The course addresses engineering issues ranging from initial involvement with explorationists to production optimization challenges. The sessions will focus on relevant and practical issues, and will include a combination of classroom exercises and basic engineering problems.


  • Basic Petroleum Geology
  • Reservoir Fluid and Rock Properties
  • Fundamentals of Reservoir Fluid Flow
  • Oil and Gas Reservoir Classification
  •  Oil and Gas Reservoir Delineation and Development
  • Drilling Fundamentals
  • Well Completions and Workovers
  • Casing and Cementing
  • Production Operations and Optimization
  • Primary Recovery Mechanisms
  •  Enhanced Recovery Mechanisms


Presentasi, Diskusi, Simulasi, Studi kasus, Evaluasi

Staff, Supervisor & Manager non Engineering


Nur Suhartono, ST, M.T.
(Expert dan Praktisi di bidang Petroleum Engineering


  • Batch I : 12 s.d 15 Maret 2012
  • Batch II : 7 s.d 10 Mei 2012
  • Hotel Phoenix, Yogyakarta
  • Pukul 08.00 – 16.00 WIB

(Inhouse Training Depend on Request)



Fee course :

  • Rp.7.500.000,-/participant (non residential)
  • Free Discount 5 % for 3 participant

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