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Pipe and Fitting Identification – YOGYAKARTA

Pipe and Fitting Identification YOGYAKARTA
Hotel IBIS  Yogyakarta | Yogyakarta  21 – 24  Juni  2011 | IDR  7.000.000,-



Fittings plays a very important role in piping system It is impossible to construct pipe line or piping system without fittings, because pipe fabrication is limited by its length and also pipe lay out needs to deviate in direction and also needs to change in size to change the velocity or branching to many outlets. For connection to some equipments pipe needs to have a special fittings. For this reasons the knowledge of fittings is important for engineers or operators who deal with piping system.



The objective of the training is to give additional knowledge to the participants about fittings type and its function and all the requirements for its application in the piping system, including standard.



  1. An overview of piping system in general
  2. Types of fittings and its function
  3. Fittings application and the method of joining
  4. Pressure drops through fittings
  5. Forces exercise on fittings
  6. Standard



Facilities engineers, maintenance engineers, design engineers, production and manufacturing engineers, architects, property and asset managers, technicians and any one involved in piping systems and would like to widen their knowledge.



lecturing, workshop, interactive consultation, and case study



Ir. Teguh Santosa, MT



  • Yogyakarta  21 – 24  Juni  2011



Hotel IBIS  Yogyakarta



  • IDR  7.000.000 – (non residential )
  • (termasuk picking-up service dari Bandara/Stasiun KA ke hotel, training modul, training kit, 2x coffee break, 1x lunch, souvenir, dan sertifikat)


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