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Jakarta* | 29 – 30 November  2012 | Rp 3.500.000,-

Procurement is the acquisition of goods or services at the best possible total cost of ownership, in the right quantity and quality, at the right time, in the right place for the direct benefit or use of the governments, corporations, or individuals generally via, but not limited to a contract.

One of a procurement officer important job is finding a long term partners – or even ‘co-destiny’ suppliers or vendors that might fundamentally commit one organization to another. He/she also must understanding the “issue” and latest bidding procedures, as well developing negotiating “tactic” with parties or vendor.  Able to anticipate “potential problems” that frequently arises is also a responsibility of a procurement officer. The bottom line is to judges, clear, definite and comprehensive all related matter in procurement and contract setting

In Vendor analysis process, procurement officer take reponsibility in covering identification, selection, evaluating a through crucial steps, before transaction or partner relationship begun. Whether buyer or vendor, both should be have capable knowledge to fulfill the steps.

After the process of procurement have been done there are one thing should be aware to keep the good relationship, properly confirm with “contractual ship” norm.


  1. Suppliers/vendors information gathering
  2. Supplier Contact & Background Review
  3. Negotiation
  4. Bidding form & procedures
  5. Term of reference and “constraint” of  bidding.
  6. Bidding committee task & authority
  7. Bidding document content
    • Step & bidding scheduled
    • Bidder pre qualification
    • System & evaluation bidding procedures
    • Context of contract management
    • Various type of contract
    • Contract arrangement
    • Content of contract document
    • Claim & dispute resolution
    • Condition of contract


Sudarsono / Rahmat Burhan / Mujoko

Para Professional dan Praktisi  memiliki pengalaman lebih dari 15 tahun dibidangnya masing-masing. Dengan  berbagai jabatan yang pernah dipegang antara lain : Operational Director, Training & People Development Manager, Training Manager, Head of waste water treatment facility, Finance Director, Financial Planning Manager, Sales Manager, HR Direktur, dll. dan pernah bekerja di perusahaan multinasional maupun organisasi internasional seperti Astra International, The National Conservation – US Based NGO, dll) serta lulusan dari universitas terkemuka dari dalam dan luar negeri

Tempat : (mentioned in confirmation letter)

  • Hotel atau Business Building di Jakarta

Investasi :

Rp. 3.500.000,- (termasuk materi hand-out dan CD modul, 2x coffee break, makan siang dan sertifikat)

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