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Security Supervisory Skill

Security Supervisory Skill

Grand Serela Hotel, Bandung | December 7-10, 2009 | Rp.6.950.000,-



There are some definitions of security, one of them states that �Security may be defined as a stable, relatively predictable environment in which an individual or group may pursue its ends without disruption or harm and without fear of disturbance or injury�. For organizations especially Oil & Gas Companies, this means being able to continue their business and meet their goals and objectives without disruption or fear of disruption. In achieving these goals and objectives and also meeting the requirements of the organizations, the security supervisory skill is very essential and very important by firstly understanding the relationship between security and loss control management especially loss control objectives and functions.


After attending this valuable and very interesting course, the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand and implement the basic principles of Loss Control Management
  • Understand the definitions, functions and principles of security
  • Understand and implement the security supervisory skills
  • Support Management in the design, development and implementation of the Security Management System (SMS) to continuously improve the secure work environment and provide adequate assets protection
  • Provide accurate information in response to department inquiries on security matters as well as professional and timely advice


  1. Opening, Emergency Response Plan/Procedure Briefing, HSE/SHE/EHS/HES Moments, Ice Breaker, Pre-Test
  2. Introduction to Loss Control Management
  3. Definitions, Functions and Principles of Security include Types of Security Organizations
  4. Roles and Responsibilities of Security Personnel (Managers, Team Managers, Group Leaders, Team Leaders, Standards & Planning Leaders, POLRI/TNI Relations Leaders/Officers, Company Representatives, Officers, Analyst, Guards, etc).
  5. Security Supervisory Skill Aspects in Oil & Gas Industry:
    • Be a Role Model
    • Capability to conduct Security Hazard Identification, Security Risk Assessment & Risk Control
    • Capability to conduct Security Problems Solving and Decision Making
    • Capability to conduct Effective Internal & External Communication Skills
    • Capability to prepare and implement Security Objectives and Management Programs
    • Capability to design, develop an,d implement a security plan by understanding the causes and patterns of crime
    • Capability to design, develop and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • Capability to conduct Security Audit as well as HSE/SHE/EHS/HES Audit
    • Capability to conduct �3 ZERO� (0 Incident/Accident ; 0 Spill ; 0 Delay Time)
    • Capability to conduct Incident/Accident Investigation, Analysis & Reporting
    • Capability to conduct Situational Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
    • Capability to conduct Information Security (INFOSEC)
    • Capability to give technical supports and/or advice to other departments in security matters especially in Oil & Gas Industry
  6. Case Studies, Group Discussions & Presentations, VCD Displays, Post-Test, Course Evaluation, Closing.


Personnel Staffs (Leaders, Officers, Supervisors, Company Representatives) of Security Department and from other departments who concern or have relationship with security matters/ aspects.


Ir. Didi Sugandi, Bc.M

Ir. Didi Sugandi, Bc.M and partner (to be named later on, he is a former of Security Manager/ Superintendent/ Coordinator of the famous KPS/PSC). During working in PT Stanvac Indonesia Pendopo, VICO Indonesia East Kalimantan, Karaha Bodas Company Garut West Java and JOB Pertamina Gulf Resources Jambi, Didi worked together or closely with Security Department and the Local Police/ TNI Officers in Explosives, Industrial & Housing Complex Security, Traffic, Forest Fires, Accident/ Incident Investigation, Training for Security Personnel and other security matters.

December 7-10, 2009
4 days

Grand Serela Hotel, Bandung

Tuition Fee
Rp.6.950.000,-per participant, excluding accommodation & tax.

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