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Social Mapping for Planning Program

Social Mapping for Planning Program

Bandung | April 19-21, 2011 | Rp. 5.300.000



Companies often recieve complains, criticisms and discontent from various stakeholders, both from communities and local governments which related to the Community Development (CD)/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of the company. Many resources have sacrificed by company to run those programs, but somehow the results of programs are not in accordance with the efforts that have been made.

Due to this problems,company should take social mapping project before planning CD/CSR program. Social mapping is used to identify the potential resources and social capital of communities. Beside, it is also used to identify the stakeholders and their existence, the stakeholders not only who have potential coorporation but also stakeholders which could be impede the implementation of future programs. Through this social mapping, we can get a mapping about problems and community needs, potential resources, social capital, stakeholders perception and also get an early warning conflict as a preventive action. Furthermore, output of this social mapping used to be the materials for planning a comprehensive CD/CSR program.


ICSD initiatives a training on “Social Mapping for Planning Program”, as a holistic comprehension of communities and the important part of planning CD/CSR program to be on target. This training is designed as practical learning and capacity building improvement, both in understanding and skilled in doing social mapping. Thus, the participants can make programs in accordance with the needs of the community.



Improving participants skill and ability in :

  1. Social Mapping Comprehension
  2. Identification for Community Needs
  3. Mapping and Analysis Natural Resources Potential
  4. Mapping and Communication Network, Institutional and Program Analysis



  • Comprehension : What/Why social mapping is needed in planning CD program?
  • Fieldtrip (case study) : How to do social mapping?
  1. Identified issue/problem and community needs
  2. Identified potential of resources and social capital
  3. Identified stakeholders and the networking
  • Packaging social mapping results : Utilizing the results of social mapping for the needs of CD program planning (systematization of data and compilation of reports on the community / social mapping).
  • Interactive Discussion : the Influence dynamic of local politic in CD program and industry activities.



  • Master Trainer. Dr. Bambang Rudito; Antropologist and author of Social Mapping Tool for Development Project and lecturer in School of Business and Management, ITB
  • David Ardhian, Lead Fasilitator, former Executive Director of  Nastari Foundation – Bogor.



The division or working unit in program planning, or CSR/CD unit or community services, both in extractive industries, plantation, consumers goods as well in general



  • ≥ 3 person/institution : Rp. 5.100.000/person Registration before 14/04/2011
  • Reguler registration : Rp. 5.300.000/person registration before 14/04/2011
  • Late Registration : Rp. 5.500.000/person registration After 14/04/2010

*:- Fee excludes tax
– Late registration on 14st April 2011


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