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Stakeholder Study for Engagement Strategy

Stakeholder Study for Engagement Strategy

Jakarta | May 30 – June 1,  2011 | Rp. 5.300.000

A company is not only as a business entity but also included in social entity that it existance will influence and will be influenced by the environment surrounded. In fact, CSR through community development (CD) is very crucial for the sustainable living and corporation long-term strategy.
The need to strengthen stakeholder engagement strategy is an important and urgent aspects of the implementation program for CSR and sustainable business. International Finance Corporation (IFC), ISO 26000 and various other international institutions have an absolute requirement for companies to involve stakeholders in all stages of business. Through the right strategy a company can establish appropriate relationships with stakeholders in the implementation of CSR. How to build a multi-stakeholder process and an effective stakeholder engagement for the implementation of CSR?. With the effective stakeholder engagement strategy is expected to realize the implementation of CSR programs in accordance to the goals.
Based on this idea, ) initiated a training to the theme “Study for Stakeholder Engagement Strategy”, to increase the capacity of actors both from the aspect of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor aspects of managing CSR programs, particularly in terms of multi-stakeholder process and stakeholder engagement.


Understanding of stakeholder and how the importance of the partnership relations
Improving the skills of the participants in conducting stakeholder mapping, identifying stakeholder, and build partnership programs within the framework of an effective CSR programs through stakeholder partnership
Sharing experiences, both between participants and to the resource persons regarding the problems in building partnerships among the stakeholder and the solution strategy.


  • To broaden the participants practical knowledge in building relationships to the various stakeholders to the actual practice of CSR & CDs
  • develop the skills and capacities of participants in conducting stakeholder mapping, stakeholder identification, and conduct stakeholder engagement process.


  • To provide participants to the knowledge and understanding of:
  • An understanding of what is stakeholder and their relationship to the CSR programs
  • Multi-stakeholder Process and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Develop Community-Based-Organization (CBO)
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy
  1. Conduct stakeholder mapping
  2. Identification of stakeholder to plan engagement
  3. an effective approach in conducting engagement
  4. Strategic partnership to the other stakeholder in the implementation of CSR
  5. How to conduct a dialogue between stakeholder in the CBO
  6. Strategic engagement in addressing the problems (conflict)
  • Simulation: Developing a key element of a multi-stakeholder process for continuous assessment

This training will be conducted using participatory methods through various methods, among others:

  • Brainstorming & Tutoring
  • Case Study & Problem Solving discussion
  • Sharing experience
  • Best practices: Simulation

CSR / Community Development (CD) unit of the company and the stakeholders in the extractive industries, consumer goods, as well as units of companies interested in developing stakeholder engagement process.

Dr. Bambang Rudito
Anropologist, lecturer of Business Ethics, Human Society, Community Services, dan Social Mapping, Social Audit in School of Business and Management, ITB.

Aldi Muhammad Alizar
Senior practitioner of multi-stakeholder engagement, Research associate


Muhammad Subhan
Social development specialist, CSR practitioner, active in PT MedcoEnergy E&P Indonesia and International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)


May 30 – June 1, 2011 (3 days)
08.00 – 04. 30 PM
Hotel Ambhara, Jakarta
Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya No. 1, Jakarta – Indonesia


  • ≥ 3 person/institution : Rp. 5.100.000/person
  • Registration before 26/05/2011
  • Reguler registration : Rp. 5.300.000/person
  • registration before  26/05/2011
  • Late Registration : Rp. 5.500.000/person
  • registration After 26/05/2010

*:- Fee excludes tax

  • Late registration on 26th May 2011


  • 3 fulldays training (08.00 a.m – 04.30 p.m)
  • Curriculums and papers (hardcopy and softcopy)
  • Training kit (bag, notes, pen)
  • Documentation (Soft file in CD)
  •  book and journal
  • Lunch and snack during training

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