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Estubizi Business Center,  Jakarta Selatan | 21-22 November 2011 |  Pukul : 09.00 – 16.00 WIB | Rp 3.500.000



Outsourcing is, essentially, the contracting out of non-core activities. Outsourcing is defined as a contractual relationship between an external vendor and an enterprise in which the vendor assumes responsibility for one or more business functions of the enterprise. Outsourcing concerns with the external provision of functional activity, and therefore outsourcing decisions are strategic in nature. It impacts upon the nature and scope of the organization. As such, they are not taken at the operational level, but involve top management, and the consideration of a great variety of variables such as:

  • Do we have a candidate functions for outsourcing?
  • How do we select?
  • How do we assess ourselves?
  • Who are the potential providers?
  • How do we assess them?
  • What sort of relationship will we form?
  • How will we manage it?
  • How do we ensure efficiency?

Outsourced functions normally lead to relationships where the vendor is providing services on a continuous basis.
Recommended Participants : Key personnel in procurement ,Corporate planner HRD Manager/ Superintendent/ Supervisor Finance Manager /Superintendent/ Supervisor Commercial Analyst Business Development Manager and Staff All key personnel dealing with outsourcing ,

Siapa harus hadir

Manager and Staff  semua bagian yang terkait dalam pembuatan SOP


  1. The Concept of Core and Non-Core Activities
  2. Porter’s Value Chain Concept
  3. What is Outsourcing?
  4. Strategic Aspects of Outsourcing Decisions
  5. Make or Buy Decisions
  6. The Decision Making Process to Outsource a Function
  7. Different Types of Outsourcing
  8. Other Aspects of Outsourcing
  9. Multiple versus Sole Outsourcing Policy
  10. Reverse Marketing Concept
  11. Outsourcing in Logistics and Materials Management
  12. Measuring the Benefit of Outsourcing
  13. Some Pitfalls in Outsourcing
  14. Strategic Alliances
  15. Future Trends of Outsourcing in Indonesian Oil and Gas Industry

Instructor :

Instructor :

Saifudin Bachrun & Associate
Saifudin Bachrun has formal education in Chemistry and Industrial Management focus on Project Planning. He has more 25 years worked in multinational such as: PT. Amoco Mitsui, PT. MATTEL Indonesia, PT. CABOT Indonesia, PT. Maxus Southeast Sumatra, PT. BAT Indonesia and other national company as managerial position until leader executive for Industrial Relation and Human Capital.

Estubizi Business Center, Setiabudi Building 2 Lantai 1
Jl.HR.Rasuna Said ,Kuningan,Jakarta selatan


  • Rp. 3.500.000,- / peserta.
  • Peserta Non-Residential.
  • Sudah termasuk Meeting Package, Training Kits, Modul Pelatihan dan Sertifikat.

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