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Strategic Planning and Budgeting for Effective Community Development Program

Strategic Planning and Budgeting for Effective Community Development Program

Ambhara Hotel, Jakarta|  28th – 30th April 2010 (3 days) | Rp. 5.500.000,-/person

Many companies received many criticism and complaints from various stakeholders, both the local community and local government, related to their community development (CD) program as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR), implemented by them. Though great resources was spent for the implementation of the CD program and it was very unfortunate if the results are not comparable with the effort that has been done.

A successful CD program is the one that provides benefits and impacts to the community, stakeholders, local governments and also the company itself. Thus, an effective planning and budgeting of CD program is to be so important so the company can implement and run program and in accordance with community needs. At this planning stage the position of the company is determined on what part it is taking, how much money will be spent and how to achieve the goal. So the progress and impact can be showed on a regular basis and with minimum cost.

This training will be hold which aims to help company in making an effective and efficient planning and budgeting CD program, so it will be part of the companies investment and also facilitate the companies in preparation for the auditing of the program.


Improving participants skill and ability in :

  1. Understanding of the process of an effective and efficient  planning and budgeting of CD program
  2. Planning CD program including  identifying issues / problems that exist in communities and needs of program implementation.
  3. Using participatory techniques in preparing the CD program

Working units in CSR / Community Development / Community Relation from companies and stakeholders in the extractive industries and in general.


  • Brainstorming & Tutoring
  • Best Practise: Simulation
  • Fieldtrip (case study)
  • Sharing & Interactive discussion


  1. Identifying issue and problem in CSR/CD program
  2. Participatory Planning in CSR Program
  3. Design Programs: why, what (based on priority), to who, by whom, when, how
  4. How to budget CD program effectively and efficiently
  5. Packaging program planning results : How to utilize the results of the planning matrix and socializing the planning program


    1. Diah Y. Raharjo. Program Director of Multistakeholder Forestry Programme (MFP) associated with Forestry Dept., Kehati Foundation and DFID; More than ten years engaged in community-based natural resource management in Indonesia.

    2. Ir. David Ardian. Executive Director of NASTARI Foundation; Field Fasilitator for Eduacate farmer; Program Manager Community-Based Firest Conservation.


    28th-30th April, 2010
    Ambhara Hotel
    Iskandarsyah Raya Street No. 1
    Jakarta – Indonesia


    • ≥3 person/institution Rp. 5.100.000,-/person (Registration before 26/04/2010)
    • Reguler registration Rp. 5.300.000,-/person (Registration before 26/04/2010)
    • Late registration Rp. 5.500.000,-/person (Registration after 26/04/2010)
    • Fee excludes tax


    • 2 fulldays training (08.00 a.m – 04.30 p.m)
    • A day fieldtrip (case study) to Local Community in Pangalengan, Bandung
    • Curriculums and papers (hardcopy and softcopy)
    • Training kit (bag, notes, pen)
    • Documentation (Soft file in CD)
    • Lunch and snack during training

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