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Training on profitable ISO 14001:2004 implementation

Training on profitable ISO 14001:2004 implementation:

How to identify and taking action on profitable improvement in ISO 14001:2004

Bandung on 23rd – 25th March  2009 | Rp. 6.000.000,-

Bandung on 14th – 16th October  2009 | Rp. 6.000.000,-



The numbers of ISO 14001:2004 certified companies are increasing year to year. This showed that environmental issues are becoming significant issues for business. However, so far ISO 14001:2004 implementations are still considered as cost centre. There are many cost item should be covered by the company expenses such as cost for monitoring environmental performances, cost for implementing environmental program , cost for audit and certification and other cost related with environment. The real benefit in term of financial benefit is not yet there for the companies.

It is a challenge for us to establish an approach that could lead ISO 14001; 2004 implementation in to more profit oriented. This approach has been successfully implemented in such a big company and it is our intention to deliver the methodology to CNOOC ISO team, so that the team could understand the method and hopefully could replicate the success in their working area.


After the training we expect participants :

  • Understand the method of profitable ISO14001:2004
  • Able to identify the Hot Spot of potential profitable improvements
  • Able to establish necessary action plan for profitable improvements
  • Motivated to implemen the action plan to get financial benefit from ISO 14001:2004


Day I

  • ISO 14001 : 2004 requirements overview
  • What make ISO 14001:2004 implementation costly?
  • What are the result of ISO 14001 implementation?
  • Identifying the gap for turning cost into profit
  • Introduction of Non Product Output Concept

Day 2

  • Working group on NPO
  • Calculating the environmental induced cost in NPO
  • NPO prioritization (identification the most significant NPO)
  • Working group on NPO calculation and prioritization

Day 3

  • Mind mapping method for root cause identification
  • Establishing action plan (measures) for improving the NPO
  • Refinement of measures
  • Integration to current ISO 14001 implementation


  • MR of ISO 14001
  • EHS staff
  • ISO 14001 Team members


21 jam efektif (3 hari kerja)



  • Bandung on 23rd – 25th March  2009
  • Bandung on 14th – 16th October  2009


  • Pendaftaran per peserta                                                            Rp. 6.000.000,-
  • Pendaftaran & Pelunasan 2 minggu sebelum training                Rp. 5.750.000,-
  • Group Registration, 4 orang atau lebih dari satu perusahaan    Rp. 5.500.000,-

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