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Well Stimulation: Acidizing and Hydraulic Fracturing

Well Stimulation: Acidizing and Hydraulic Fracturing

Ibis Malioboro Hotel, Yogyakarta | May 17-19, 2010 | Rp. 5.250.000,-


One of the the most important factors in any lateral drilling project, regardless of the radii involved, is the fluid medium utilized in the both the drilling and completion phases. The physical hardware involved in drilling all types of lateral well-bore, short, medium and long-radius, have benefited from recent developments. It is of paramount importance that they are used in conjunction with a well designed mud system

After following these courses, participant of courses expected can:

  • Comprehending drilling fluid function and characteristic.
  • Comprehending clay characteristic.
  • Comprehending drilling fluid chemical
  • Comprehending drilling fluid types & field application
  • Comprehending bases planning of drilling fluid.
  • Comprehending way to overcomes of problem mud



Drilling Fluid

  • Drilling Fluid Function
  • Drilling Fluid Composition
  • Nature of Drilling Fluid Physical
  • Calculation of Drilling Fluid
  • Contamination of Drilling Fluid
  • Equipment of Drilling Fluid

Characteristic of Clay

  • Clay
  • Mechanism Hydration of Clay
  • Nature Of Physical of Clay
  • Influence Of Sodium of Chloride
  • Influence of pH

Drilling Fluid Additive

  • Viscosifier
  • Weighting Material
  • Thinner
  • pH Adjuster
  • Filtration Loss
  • Emulsifier
  • Lost Circulation Material (LCM)

Stability of shale

  • Diagnose Shale Problem
  • Diagnose Shale Problem
  • Faction of X Radiation and of Methylene Blue Test
  • Rolling Test
  • Additional Test

Oil-Base Mud

  • Theory Emulsion
  • Composition Mud Oil
  • Nature Of Physical Mud Oil
  • Activity of oil-base to reach hole stability drill
  • Oil mud Low-colloid
  • In mud oil-base Logging
  • Trouble-Shooting with mud oil-base.


Drilling Engineers, Mud Engineers, Well-site Geologists, Drilling Supervisors, Tool Pusher, Rig Crews, Mud Personnel, Assistant Drillers, Mud Loggers, Logistic Personnel and involved in other personnel activity of drilling operation.


Ir. Boedi Windiarto has graduated from bachelor degree of petroleum engineering. To share his knowledge with other people, he leads in training and courses at several topics, such as: Gas Lift Operation for Optimize Production, Basic Drilling Engineering for Operation, Well Completion & Work over, Basic Reservoir and Drilling Engineering

Mr. Boedi is a team leader for a group of Schlumberger Engineers outsourcing. He was supporting production and reservoir for Marginal Field Wonocolo Pertamina Cepu.

May 17-19, 2010
3 days

Ibis Malioboro Hotel, Yogyakarta

Tuition Fee
Rp. 5.250.000,- per participant, excluding accomodation & tax.


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