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Hotel Golden Flower, Bandung | 24 – 26 Juli 2013 | IDR  9.750.000
Hotel Golden Flower, Bandung | 22 – 24  Oktober 2013  | IDR  9.750.000



After participate in this course, the participants will be able and capable to :

  • Understand the basic concept of owireline technology, and how to operate this technology and equipment performance maintenance in oil and gas field application.
  • Diagnostic of oil and gas well and reservoir performance under actual drive mechanism and future performance using wireline technology.
  • Analyze the production potential of well and  reservoir under with actual handling system processes and to plan the better development processes according to reservoir capacity.
  • Understand the fundamentals of microscopic and macroscopic aspects and phenomena of wireline technology ini oil and gas industry, maintenance of production, solving various oil and gas production operation problem.



No specified  (Operator/Sr. Operator/Engineer or Non Engineer)



Wireline Survey

  •  Solving Well Mechanical Problems
  •   Supporting Drilling amd Workover Activity
  • Well Data Acquisitions

The Well

  • General Background
  •  Casing Diagram, Well Head, Xmast Tree
  •  Basic Tree types, Sample Completion Schematic
  • Tubing, Tubing Threads

Wireline Surface Equipments

  • General Safety
  • Atuffing Box, Quick Unions, Lubricator
  • BOP, Tree Connection, Weight Indicators

Wireline Units

  •  Spooling Wireline, Wireline Handling
  • Tensile Testing, Torsion Testing, Wire Breaks
  • Braided Line, Wireline Unit
  •  Open Loop Unit, Close Loop Unit

Tool String Components

  •  Rope Sockets, Wireline Knox,
  • Swivel, Stem, Roller Stem
  •  Mechanical Jars, Hydraulic Jars, Petroline Spring Jars
  • Petroline Centraliser, Knuckle joint,  Sucker Rod Threads

Standard Service Tools

  • Gauge Cutter, Blind Box, Imprssion Block
  •  Swaging Tool, Wire Scratcher
  • Tubing End Locator
  • SSJ Tools, Pulling Tool  Data, Fishing Neck, GS Tools

Lock Mandrels

  •   Lock Mandrels, W Sleep Lock, W running Tool
  • D Collar Lock, D Runing Tools, G Elements
  •   Nipple Lock, X/XN Lock, X Running Tools
  •  Petroline Uniset Lock Size Reference Chart


  • Plug/Equalising Subs
  •  D Plug, XX Plug, P/PS Plug, PX Plug
  • Test Tools, Test Tool, Back Pressure Valves
  • Cameron BPV
  • Petroline ABC BPV

Circulating Device

  •  XO SSD
  • B Shifting Tool
  • Selective Downshift Tool
  •  Separation Tool
  • Side Door Choke

Well Safety System

  •  DCSSV
  •   Camco WRDV Safety Valve
  •  Troubleshooting Guide
  •  SSV, Control Panel

Gas Lift

  • Gas  Lift Principle
  • Side Pocket Mandrel
  • Gas Lift Equipments
  • Kick Over Tool
  • Special Valve Types

BHP Ameradas

  •  BHP Survey
  • Amerada Gauges
  • Calibration, Running Procedures
  • Data Recording

Remedial Wireline

  •   A Perforator
  •  F Collar Stop
  •  Sand Bailing
  •  Pump Bailer
  • Pack Offs


  •  Fishing Wire
  •  Wire Finder, Wire Grab
  •  Tubular Jar, Accelerator, Allegator Grab
  • Wire Cutter, Citter Bar, Side Wall Cutter, Go-Devil
  •   Heavy Duty Pulling Tool, Overshot, Center Spears


  • Basic Formula
  • Rule of Tumbs
  •  Force, Hydrostatic Pressure




Setelah menyelesaikan kursus ini diharapkan peserta dapat :

  •   Memahami prinsip dasar operasi dan interpretasi tes sumur
  •   Melakukan interpretasi data tes sumur
  •   Membuat perencanaan atau desain sustu tes sumur
  •   Membuat atau menggunakan program-program kecil yang membantu dalam interpretasi data tes sumur



Operator/Sr. Operator/Jr. Engineer/Non-Engineer



  •  Mempunyai pengetahuan dasar teknik perminyakan
  • Mempunyai pengetahuan dasar teknik reservoir dan produksi



Pengenalan Teknik Perminyakan

Dasar-Dasar Tes Sumur

  • Prinsip Dasar Tes Sumur
  • Aliran Fluida Dalam Media Berpori
  • Macam-Macam Tes Sumur

Pressure Drawdown Test

  • Analisis Pressure Drawdown Pada Periode Transien
  •   Analisis Pressure Drawdown Pada Periode Transien Lanjut
  •   Analisis Pressure Drawdown Pada Periode Semi-Steady State

Pressure Buildup Test

  • Prinsip Superposisi
  •  Pressure Buildup Ideal
  • Actual Buildup Case
  • Lamanya Pengaruh Wellbore Storage
  • Penentuan Tekanan Rata-Rata
  • Pressure Buildup Untuk Sistem Lebih Dari Satu Fasa
  • Analisis Pressure Buildup Dibawah Pengaruh Redistribusi Fasa Pada Lubang Bor

Multi Rate Test

  • Persamaan Dasar Untuk Multiple Rate Test
  •  Two Rate Flow Test
  •   Deliverability Test
  • Variable Injection Rate Test

Multiple Well Test

  • Interference Test
  •  Interference Test Pada Reservoir Terbatas (Bounded)
  • Pulse Testing
  • Analisis Pulse Test Dengan Metode Stegemeier

Analisis Tes Sumur Dengan Menggunakan Type Curve

  • Prinsip Analisis Type Curve
  • Ramey’s Type Curve dan McKinley Type Curve

Tes Sumur Sumur Gas

  •  Sifat-Sifat Gas
  •  Analisis Tes Sumur Pada Sumur Gas

Injection Well Testing

  • Injectivity Analysis
  •  Falloff Test Analysis
  • Step-Rate Testing

Drill Stem Testing

  • Analisis DST

Tes Sumur Untuk Reservoir Rekah Buatan

  •   Transien Tekanan Pada Hydraulically Vertical Fractured Reservoir
  • Efek Skin, Wellbore Storage dan Geometri Rekahan Terhadap Respon Tekanan
  •  Finite Fracture Conductivity
  •  Massive Hydraulic Fracturing dan Pengujian Pada Tekanan Konstan

Tes Sumur Untuk Reservoir Rekah Alami

  • Kelakuan Transien Tekanan Pada Reservoir Rekah Alami
  • Efek Incomplete Test
  • Pendekatan Gradient Flow Model
  • Analisis Transien Tekanan Pada Reservoir Rekah Alami Dibawah Pengaruh Alirab Spherical

Interpretasi Data Tes Sumur Horizontal

  •   Analisis Transien Tekanan Sumur Horizontal Secara Grafis
  • Analisis Transien Tekanan Sumur Horizontal Dengan Type Curve Matching

Well Sounder

  • Analisis Data Well Sounder



  1. Dr.Ir. Sudjati Rachmat, DEA


  1. Ir. Edwil Suzandi

Dr. Ir. Sudjati Rachmat, DEA was graduated from Petroleum Engineering Department of ITB in 1979 and hold Doctorate Degree with honored in 1987 from Ecole Centrale de Lyon I, France. The topic of his thesis is Modelisation Numerique d’Ecoulements Polyphasiques en Milieux Poreux Application au Cas de Calcul des Champs de Pressions et de Saturations dans un Gisement de Petrole.

For the time being, he became a lecturer in Petroleum Engineering Department of ITB. His subjects are Analysis and Numerical Method, Engineering Mathematics, Computer Simulation, Fluid Mechanic, Artificial Intelligence for Petroleum Engineering.

He also gave many courses to the community, such as: basic reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation, basic production engineering, down hole well testing, statistic and numerical method for petroleum engineering, basic log interpretation, etc. He is a member of some profession organization such as: IATMI, SPE/EIME, IMA, HAIAI, FPS-USA,



Vanue  : Hotel Golden Flower Bandung


  • 24-26 Juli   2013  ( Batch I )
  • 22-24  Oktober   2013 ( Batch II)



IDR  9.750.000,- /Participant Non residential. Fir send 3 participant from the same company IDR. 8.250.000,-/participant.



  • Training Kit
  •   Soft Copy Material Training On Flashdisk 4GB.
  •  Coffee Break & Lunch
  • Certifikat
  •   Souvenir
  • Additional Program (optional)



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